A vibration machine designed for workouts among fitness moguls and fans. If you are into losing weight and you are finding ways to make exercise enjoyable, your sense of adventure must have been piqued by a vibration platform. One thing is for sure. Vibration machines are not ideal for pregnant women, for paralyzed persons, and for anyone with balance deficiency. As for those who are fit and in good shape, having this workout equipment as a partner is a major relief.

Should you be asking for what are the best workouts you can on a vibration platform, a quick guide can likely help you resolve that issue. Here are some of the most preferred and highly suggested workout routine for you.


With legs wide apart raise both your arms forward. Lower down your body as if in a half sitting position. Your weight will now be directed all to the toes while the vibrating platform is constantly getting you on the move. Maintain the position for as long as you can. When you get tired, rest the balls of your feet down. Repeat the procedure for as long as you can. Or, you can preset the machine at a certain period of time, as that of a treadmill.

For the best results, increase your squat time while on a vibrating machine as you move forward with your workout on a daily basis. You will soon learn that your tolerance to balancing and keeping your muscles in perfect shape also increases. Practice indeed makes perfect and you just need self-discipline plus endurance. That endurance might not be there yet immediately, but take your time. Series of squats in a week can definitely get you somewhere.


You need not stay punt standing while you are on top of a vibration machine. A few or more lunges would get you the weight you so desire. Stepping up and climbing back down or reverse is something you can do while on the shaking plate. Start with whichever foot you are comfortable with, left or right or vice versa. This will strengthen your legs over time and this is something you will be grateful for having such a machine for muscle building.

The lower body part like the hamstrings and quad muscles benefit a lot when you do these routines on top of a vibration platform. Your knees, toes, and ball joints will thank you for doing this exercise. This is something the rest of your body will need to endure longer standing times or going through rigid running and walking.


Position your body facing down and curl your toes forward. Heave your weight down your folded elbows down a wood plank or a yoga mat. Lift your hips up while you keep pressing your elbows down the floor. Observe a straight body line position or a slanting slope and maintain such a position for as long as you can. Switch to one side when you start feeling the heavy weight. Shift to the other side afterwards. Repeat the process until you’re done. Just see to it the vibration plate is on and shaking.

Holding up your weight down through your legs and arms while you’re on top the vibrating equipment will contract your muscles all throughout the body. This will not just target the lower or your upper body part but both halves.


Assuming you have been used to planks, just improvise a little. Instead of your elbows pressed down the floor, your palms will support your whole of your body weight this time. Facing the floor, lift your body up and down. Do this while the vibration platform is activated and shaking. Repeat the role for as much as you can. You can even time yourself for as long as you can muster. The machine can take care of the timing or the counting in your behalf.

Push yourself up and go back down repeatedly. This is a holistic approach to your workout and your results can be achieved earlier than without the platform. It requires strength so you need not overdo it at first. You might experience cramps at first, but once you get used to it, you will find it simply amazing. This is something fitness trainers would suggest among their wards as this would definitely get you the results you look forward to.


Starting with a lightweight bell, you can start and do chest press or overhead press. Simply ride the platform, lift whatever weight you have available, and work your way doing the same time and time again. This will improve your breathing patterns plus it will improve your chest and shoulder muscles. This does not require leg activities as you can simply keep yourself upstanding as time goes by. This is something you can do while sitting or standing, your choice. A one-arm dumbbell or a rotating dumbbell can be another workout accessory you can lean on.

Your goal of losing weight and improving your muscles may be achieved without the vibrating platform but imagine the time you spend working out which you can cut if you have such a beneficial equipment at your disposal. You can be creative. There are lots of other things you can work on while you are on the shaking platform. All you need to do is improvise. You can even look for routines online.