For many years, our family listened to the wiggles. From the TV show to listening to songs in the car, The Wiggles were something we enjoyed all the time. Even though my kids are older now, I remember so many of the songs, and can totally sing along when I hear one of their songs come on!

The Wiggles are out with their newest project, The SUPER WIGGLES! This collection of 22 songs celebrates everyday heroes in our community, and is available on both DVD as well as a music album (CD or streaming).

This album features some new members of the Wiggles that I am not familiar with.

A few of the new members include:

Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins joined the group last fall. At only 16, she is very talented and brings her creativity and skills to The Wiggles.

And Evie, who stands out with her blue ballet shoes.

The album also introduces some new Wiggles friends, including Super Granny, Super Ballet Man Chengwu (a dancer), and Paloma the Mermaid.

I love that this album celebrates those around us who work hard to shape our daily lives, from teachers to garbage truck drivers. As always, the music is upbeat and positive, often with an educational component. And, the songs are so relatable to everyday life.

The music from this collection are all great Wiggles songs, both old and new. I have always enjoyed the catchy appeal of Wiggles music, which makes it fun to sing along and engage with the music. From toddlers to older kids, this music really is timeless when it comes to children.

I enjoyed checking out this project from The Wiggles. I enjoyed the theme and seeing new Wiggles and friends in the Super Wiggles.

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