Do you workout inside your home? If you prefer to run on the treadmill, then it is important that you read this. There are many apps that can be used for running. However, this new Online running app is insane. It is packed with features yet priced at an attractive amount. 

Vingo is the latest addition to the lot. This app comes with a number of important features like virtual training, customisable personal avatars, social media connection, friendly ride mode, contest mode, invisible mode and many other options. 

Download Vingo Today 

Vingo app is available for all kinds of devices. The app was previously available only for Windows devices. However, the team has developed the iOS version now. You can soon find the app on Android Play Store as well. 

While the average price of such apps is as high as $15 / month, the price of Vingo is much lower and affordable. In fact, if you download the app today, you can enjoy the app for free without paying any subscription for one year. 

Virtual World with Hyper-Realistic & Surrealistic Maps

Vingo comes with hyper-realistic worlds. You can experience realistic graphics and physics. It also has high fidelity sounds that recreates the original scene with much accuracy. So, when you cross a water body, you will hear the water flowing in the back. 

This kind of high fidelity sounds make running an enjoyable and pleasurable task.

At the same time, if you want unrealistic places that are exciting, you can also find them in the app. It will be like running at an extraterrestrial place. 

This enhances the indoor running experience and motivates you to perform better. Another interesting feature is that the app can be used like social media. 

You can find people who are running in the same place as you are. If interested, you can say a hi and chat with them. The app also comes with a voice facility. So, when you run near a person, you can start chatting with them in your own voice. Or if you don’t want to be disturbed, you can mute yourself out of the conversation.

Vingo is Free for One Year 

As previously mentioned, you can use the app free for one year. That is one more reason for you to download the app today. 

If you want you can invite your friends and family members too. Most importantly, the app can be used by as many as 8 different people. So, each member in your family can create a separate profile for free. 

Start online running today with the Vingo app. Don’t think too much. The offer will not stay forever.

Use it for Cycling Too 

Vingo is effective not only as a running app but also as a cycling app. You can connect the app with your existing cycle through the existing technology or if you only have an old cycle, then you can buy the ANT+ sensors to make it compatible with the latest phones.