No doubt, the mind and body are always considered separate parts. However, mental health and physical health are co-related to each other. Good mental healthy directly promotes better physical health and vice versa. Therefore, it plays a massive role in your well-being and prevents you from serious issues.

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 Along with that, it has been surveyed that good well-being promotes the decrement of heart attacks and strokes that has become so common these days. However, if you do not focus on your mental health, it can lead to several physical disorders listed below. Moreover, if you want professional help, you can contact the tms doctor near me for better advice.

Chronic diseases 

Stress and depression have led to so many chronic diseases. It also includes asthma, cardiovascular issue, diabetes and arthritis. These issues are quite common, and you can find them in 60% of people. But unfortunately, less than 20% of people are healthy and aren’t facing any physical and mental issues. 

Moreover, poor mental health conditions can worsen your case, and dealing with chronic diseases becomes more challenging to cure. Lately, it has increased the rate of cancer and heart diseases among people, and the leading cause of it is depression.

Sleep problems

People who are suffering from mental disorders often face sleeping illnesses. Insomnia and sleep apnea are the most common ones. Along with that, it also causes them breathing problems. More than 80% of people suffering from mental illness are facing sleeping disorders. Moreover, issues like depression, anxiety, OCD, and bipolar disorders have also led to an increase in cases with sleep.

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Smoking in mental conditions is the most common thing you can find. You will undoubtedly find people who aren’t facing mental illness still smoke injurious substances. But the proportion of them is less than people smoking with disorders. This is because they use them to relieve their mind. People with the disease often have a low level of dopamine. 

It is a kind of cell that increases positive feelings in your mind. However, due to this decrement, people often feel like having a cigarette that contains nicotine which increases their dopamine levels. It makes them relieves their depression and helps them to feel better. But they do not know that smoking regularly impacts their physical health so much. 

It has also led to several issues like liver failure, heart failure, and even mouth and stomach cancers. Moreover, smoking is not just dangerous but highly addictive. People who start smoking once then it become difficult for them to quit.