A person who takes life coach training is someone who wants to help others communicate better and more effectively. They want to help them achieve new heights in their business or professional practice.

To work as an in-person or online life coach means mentoring individuals so they can excel personally in their lives and careers. This life training can help entrepreneurs, as well as salespeople and other employees, become better leaders.      

Therefore, when you take an online course in life coach certification, you are following a path that you can use in a professional practice as a life coach and business consultant and mentor.

The Length of the Programs

When you train as a life coach, you may go down one of several training paths. Typically, you’ll need to devote around 200 hours to achieving your goals. 

You will also spend time coaching others so you can accumulate the required coaching hours for your International Coaching Federation or ICF credential. This endorsement represents the gold standard in the business and lifetime coaching field.

NLP Life Coach Certification

If you set your sights on attaining a certificate for an NLP Life Coach certification, you’ll spend about 160 hours on the coursework. 

ICF Mentor Coach

A certification for an ICF mentor coach takes 10 hours per week over a span of 10 weeks, or about 2 1/2 months. 

A Master Coach Certification

A Master Coaching endorsement takes around 22 hours and, if you choose to pursue a Mental Health Coach certificate, you’ll spend about 3 hours per week over a period of 10 weeks in small group training sessions.

What the Credentials Mean

When you step into a life coach training program, the International Coaching Federation, or ICF, provides 3 types of credentials. 

An Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

The first level credential is as Associate Certified Coach, or the designation, “ACC.” 

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

The second level credential is a Professional Certified Coach, or a “PCC.” 

A Master Certified Coach (MCC)

An “MCC” is the highest credential, and signifies you’re a Master Certified Coach.

To apply for any of the above credentials, you’ll go to the ICF website after you finish your coursework. 

How Each Credential Is Applied

A Life Coach Certification meets the requirements set forth for an ACC endorsement while a Master Coach Certification or Mental Health Coach Certification meets the requirements established for ACC and PCC credentials. 

Mental Health certifications for coaches also may receive an MCC credential.

Your coaching practice requirements are included in the online course curriculums for credentialing. 

A New and Innovative Coaching Model: Mental Health Coaching

Mental health coaching is an innovative and new add-on in the life coaching field, as it unlocks what you can do through your subconscious mind. Using psychological techniques that impact one’s behavior, the life coach, who specializes in this discipline, can help his or her clients experience true transformations in how they communicate and behave. You’ll learn how to improve your client’s thinking patterns through mindfulness and hypnotherapy.

Getting Your Money Back 

You can take a life coach course and receive your money back if you change your mind. As long as you ask for a refund during the first 7 days of the course, and you have not completed more than 2 modules, you’ll receive a full reimbursement

Sign Up Today – Advance Your Coaching Skills and Help Others

You will find that taking an online life coach credentialed training course will open new opportunities for you as a business coach and mentor. Find out today how you can advance your career and help others at the same time. Use today’s technology to take advantage of this all-inclusive training.