We visited Mexico last year, and decided to return to the area south of Merida see some more cenotes. The city of Homun and the surrounding area is known for having many cenotes. We found this cenote in Mucuyche, which was on the way back from seeing the Mayan ruins of Uxmal, before heading back to Merida. This makes for a nice day trip stop from Merida.

We got there in our rental car from Avant Car Rental. We had this saved on our map and had no problem getting there using Google Maps. This cenote is in the very small town of Mucuyche, so it feels like you are driving on back roads to get there.

There are signs for the cenote and the parking lot. The E and Estacionamiento refer to parking in Spanish.

There was plenty of parking there, and it was not crowded when we went in the afternoon.

This seemed like a quieter cenote that is less likely to have tour buses coming through.

We headed over to the cenote entrance, but needed some direction along the way as we had to walk through someone’s yard to get there. The cenote itself has signs and a fence around it.

We purchased our entrance fees from an older woman who did not speak English. It was inexpensive to get into the cenote – I believe it was only a few USD per person. Despite the language barrier, there was no problem communicating, and we were also directed to a small area with a curtain set up for changing.

Like other cenotes, the rules say not to wear sunscreen, bug spray, or other things on your skin before entering the cenote. This helps to preserve the water quality.

There is a long, steep staircase to get down into the cenote.

This cenote is beautiful. The water looks dark when it is not in the bright light, but it is nice and clear.

There is a very high jumping platform at Yaal Utzil. There is a solid concrete platform with a wooden bar to steady yourself. I think the only other cliff platform that we found that was this high was at Cenote Zaci in Valladolid. The platform is very high! You can see on the right side, there is a much lower platform as well.

We enjoyed Cenote Yaal Utzil because it was quiet and had different options for jumping in.

When we were done, there is a small snack stand set up next door, where we enjoyed cold sodas and some chips. The hosts were also kind enough to let us use their bathroom.

What to bring:

~ swimwear & towels for the cenote
~ camera / GoPro
~ money for snacks and/or food

Don’t bring:

~ sunscreen or bug spray

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