When it comes to real estate, Beverly Hills is one of the most exclusive and highest-end markets in the world. This exclusive community offers some of the most luxurious properties in the world. 

If you’re looking to live in this beautiful city, you should know that there are so many different types of homes in Beverly Hills that it can be a little overwhelming. From cottages and bungalows to condos and co-ops, there are plenty of options that might be perfect for you.

Still, there are some key identifiers that help you know what you’re looking at immediately as you explore this exclusive city. If you love the idea of living like royalty, perhaps exploring the types of homes in Beverly Hills will be helpful. 

This article is designed to give you an overview of the Beverly Hills homes for sale today and what might be coming soon.  

1. Victorian

Victorian houses in Beverly Hills are mostly found in the neighborhood of Hancock Park. But you can also find a few scattered throughout Beverly Hills’s “Rodeo Drive” section.

People love Victorian houses for their romantic aesthetic, which is characterized by ornate designs and intricate details. These houses are often painted in warm, deep colors and feature large windows that let in lots of natural light. 

2. Craftsman

The Craftsman architectural style emerged in America during the early 1900s as a reaction to the over-the-top, ornate designs featured in Victorian architecture. 

Craftsman houses are most often one-story, rectangular-shaped, and feature large, over-sized front porches and plenty of natural light. They’re often built from wood, have stone and/or brick facades, and are painted in simple, earthy colors. 

Many of the Craftsman-style houses in Beverly Hills homes for sale are part of the “Brentwood Country Estates” neighborhood, which is located in the north of the city.

3. Tudor

Tudor houses are characterized by the use of half-timbered construction, which is when the exterior walls of a building are constructed with a timber frame filled in with wattle and daub. 

They also often feature dark, warm colors and steeply pitched roofs. 

4. Tuscan

The next type of house we’ll look at is the Tuscan. The Tuscan architectural style originated in Italy, where you can still find some of the most extravagant examples of it throughout the country’s coastline. Tuscan houses are characterized by the use of stucco, clay tiles, and stone, which makes them very durable. 

There are a few Tuscan-style homes in Beverly Hills, but most of them are found in the “Bel Air” neighborhood.

5. Mediterranean/Spanish

The Mediterranean architectural style originated in Spain and other parts of Southern Europe. As you might expect, the Spanish architectural style is very much influenced by Spanish culture and traditions. These are some of the most lavish and extravagant houses in Beverly Hills. They’re mostly found in the “Bel Air” neighborhood, but you can also find a few scattered throughout the “Rodeo Drive” section. 

Invest in Beverly Hills Homes for Sale 

You may think everyone who lives in Beverly Hills is a famous actor or singer, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are many different types of people who live in this beautiful city – and they all have very unique homes. From Tuscan to Victorian architectural styles, there are a lot of architectural styles to choose from. It’s no wonder that many people dream of living in this beautiful city.