When someone calls themselves a musician, they usually mean something simple and popular, like the piano or the guitar. Or – even more common – they’re a singer.

If you want to learn an instrument, you need to go against the grain. Everyone and their cousin can carry a tune or strum “Wonderwall” on the guitar. Try learning something that will set you apart from the crowd.

That’s why you need to learn the violin!

But if you’re still not convinced, don’t worry. Read on to discover 5 incredible benefits that you’ll get when you learn to play the violin!

1. Improves Memory

If you want an improved memory here and now, the violin is an excellent instrument to choose.

Playing the violin requires a lot of memorization, as shown at Music Advisor. You’ll need to know the fingering positions, string names, violin anatomy, and music theory. Memorizing these things will help you exercise your brain in important ways.

2. Physical Benefits

Playing the violin comes with tons of physical benefits that you won’t get with other instruments. Let’s take a look at a few.

Better Posture

To have the right posture to play music well, you need to engage your core. So, not only does playing the violin improve the posture of your back and shoulders, but it will also strengthen your abs. In turn, this good posture gives you many resulting physical benefits like improved blood flow and spine health, and can also relieve back and neck pain.

Improved Dexterity

A good violinist will have quick, nimble fingers and good hand-eye coordination. Learning the play the violin will help you develop these skills and improve your dexterity. Having strong manual dexterity in turn helps you learn skills that transfer to many other areas: sports, woodworking, crochet, vehicle repair, and more!

Stronger Arm Muscles

You need to engage your arm and upper body muscles in order to keep the violin in its proper position while playing. After lots of practice, you’ll be able to build up lots of strength in your arms.

3. Good for Mental Health

There are many unhealthy ways to deal with mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, and depression. But playing a musical instrument like the violin offers a healthy and beneficial coping mechanism for stress and negative emotions. It can be a creative outlet for self-expression!

4. Encourages Discipline

The violin has a steep learning curve. It takes a lot of practice, persistence, and good music lessons to become a master.

So, if you struggle with self-discipline, learn the violin to improve! It will teach you skills that can help you take on difficult and seemingly impossible tasks in the future.

Change Your Life and Learn the Violin

When you learn the violin, you gain access to many fantastic advantages that you can’t get with any other instrument. Not only is it a heartbreakingly beautiful instrument, but it also teaches you valuable skills that can transfer over to many areas of your life.

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