You’re indeed lucky when you find a grill that you can use for summer barbecuing and entertaining. If your grill and smoker is a Green Mountain brand appliance, you’ll enjoy many pleasant grilling days ahead.

However, you can’t navigate in a boat without a paddle and you certainly cannot grill without the necessary accessories. Therefore, you’ll need to review these items online so you can get the most out of your grill purchase.

Taking a Look at Green Mountain Grill Accessories

You’ll be excited about reviewing the Green Mountain grill accessories, as they’re not only useful but will help you extend the life of your grill. Therefore, they will serve you well as a grill master. Below are some popular and useful selections.

1. Bear Paws for Lifting, Shredding, or Pulling Meat

If you plan to roast large pieces of beef or chicken, you’ll need bear paws, which you can also use to shred meat. Use the two paws for lifting large roasts for serving off the grill or for pulling meat as well. 

2. Spatula, Fork, Tongs, and a Knife

To ensure you can perform grilling magic, you need the proper utensils. All barbecuers need a spatula, fork, tongs, and a knife. Therefore, don’t forget these essential items when you’re making your selection for accessorizing your new grill. Click here to order now.

3. A Pair of Grill Mitts

Along with your utensils and bear paws, you’ll also need a pair of grill mitts. Mitts protect your hands from burns and therefore are an important accessory.

4. Cooking Pellets for Barbecuing

To ensure your barbecued meat tastes its best, you’ll want to find just the right cooking pellets. How about a fruitwood blend? These boldly flavored pellets are a top choice among barbecue teams the world over. Pellets convey flavors from beech, pecan, and cherry woods.

If you want to give your meat a more subtle and mellow taste, choose a blend that features maple, hickory, and oak woods. This blend will flavor the meat but won’t overpower it.

5. A Vacuum Cleaner for Your Grill

Don’t forget clean-up. In this case, you’ll want to buy a vacuum that will clean up ashy residue with precision. The specialized vacuum is used for fire pits and fireplaces as well as grills and smokers.

6. Vertical Grill Rack and Stainless Steel Grill Pan

Having a rack and pan on hand is always helpful. Use the rack for cooking ribs or large half-chickens or kabobs. The non-stick, easy-to-clean grill pan is ideal for cooking eggs, vegetables or bacon, or for warming sides, beans or sauces. 

7. Chef’s Grilling Apron

Naturally, you cannot barbecue or grill meat without wearing an apron. Interacting with stuff like charcoal, oil, and food can stain your clothes. Things can get messy if you don’t wear a protective covering. 

Make Your Selection of Grilling Accessories Now

Have fun choosing the accessories you’ll need for your grill. Having access to these items will make it possible for you to enjoy barbecuing or grilling just that much sooner. Also, review the parts that are featured for grills so you can keep up-to-date on maintenance.