Mice are a nuisance, especially when they enter a home.  Mice can carry various diseases that potentially put a family at risk for health issues, and they can damage the house. So when a mouse enters the home, knowing the best and most effective ways to get rid of them is good.

What Attracts a Mouse

When it comes to mice sneaking into a home, a few factors contribute to why they choose to enter.  

Mice can easily make homes for themselves in the wild, but a human’s dwelling is more attractive because it is warmer.  When the weather turns cold, the shelter and warmth of a house are too tempting to resist.  They have tiny bodies and can easily fit in small spaces to get in too.

There are also unlimited amounts of food and nesting materials within a home.  If they make their way into a pantry, it is like an eternal feast for them.  Mice prefer soft materials, like paper or cotton, or even insulation to create their nests for their babies.  All of which are easy to find within a person’s house.

Signs of an Infestation

Even though mice are tiny, there are obvious clues that a home may have a mouse problem.  Some subtle hints may be if food crumbs on shelves, in pantries, or in other odd places are found.  Sometimes, when there are mice, the family pets within the home may act strange. For example, they may bark, paw, or scratch under furniture or appliances.

A few more obvious signs might be food packaging with scratch or claw marks where the mouse was trying to get at the food.  Mouse droppings are also a clear indicator of an infestation.  They may also be heard scratching or squeaking within the home walls.

Solving the Problem Commonly or Naturally

If the problem is severe enough, a denver exterminator may need to be called to cover the infestation.  Although, if it is manageable, there are ways an individual can handle the issue.  Placing simple traps that can be bought at a store is the quickest way to get rid of the mice in the home.  There is also setting what is known as bait stations, packets containing a poison that will kill the mice.  One final common way a person can try to get rid of the mice is by using a repellant to deter the mice.

There are also several natural remedies to a mouse problem.  These include removing their food source.  Storing the food someone mice cannot get to will help with the situation.  If there is no food, they will not want to stay.  Taking away the option to even enter the home by sealing off entry points is also very useful.  

There is also the option to purchase live traps that will humanely capture the mice, and then there is the option to release them.  Or, if you want a long-term tool, get a cat.  They are probably one of the most effective devices one can get for a mouse problem.