Referred to as the building material of the future, Magnesium Oxide Panels returned to building material space some two decades ago. And it comes with many advantages that other building materials lack. Still, many people haven’t heard of this excellent building material. 

But don’t worry, we have this guide to help the people who aren’t aware of this fabulous building material. Although we will discuss the advantages and downsides of MgO boards, this guide will help you learn everything related to MgO boards. 

Scroll down to find whether the MgO boards are the right choice for your home or not. 

The Pros of MgO Boards: Why should I consider MgO Boards for my home?

  1. Durable, robust, and strong: 

Brick stones are one of the most efficient and most durable materials for the home and still are the right choice for the foundational structure. But they are also hard to move and difficult to carry, increasing the construction cost. Yes, they are reasonable, in fact necessary, for some structures. However, the cost is inflated if you consider the brick stones for the entire home. Moreover, do not forget to consider that it isn’t essential for you to use brick stones in all the parts of your building. For instance, the sheathing and interior walls can easily be replaceable with a similar quality option. And the option is the Magnesium oxide board. Affordable, easy to carry, and durable — magnesium oxide boards are the best option for internal walls. 

You can use the magnesium oxide boards for the Structural floors, Structural walls, Fire-rated walls, Ceilings, Subflooring, Stairway, and more internal structures. At the same time, you can also use the magnesium oxide boards for external structures like Corridors, Cubicle walls, roof decking, sheathing, and more purposes. 

The best thing is you do not have to spend more on these walls, and still, you can use a robust material to build your home. 

  1. They are fire resistant 

MgO boards are one of the few building materials that scored 0 on 0 in the American Society for Testing and Materials test. This explains why MgO boards are the ultimate way to look for kitchen and internal walls, as they can protect your home from hazardous fire caused by several reasons like a short circuit or any other mishap. In any situation, you can be sure that the fire will not spread if such a situation ever happens. 

Yes, the wood materials may look good on the surface, but in bad times like a fire, they are little to no help. You can consider wood or combustible building material for rooms with a low chance of catching fire. Nevertheless, as mentioned, MgO boards are multi-purpose boards, so you can use them anywhere and be free of any such concerns. 

  1. MgO boards are water-resistant 

Many building materials do not have the voice to advertise themselves as water-resistant. The slippery force, the rainwater just sitting there for weeks, and many other concerns, water is not a solution for surfaces or even walls. 

Moreover, some building materials even swell and warp when exposed to water for a long-time. However, you can be carefree with the MgO boards as they are water-resistant too. 

Nevertheless, you should note that some makers do not recommend long-time exposure to water. So, do pay attention while purchasing the MgO boards and ask them whether the products are good enough and suitable for long-time water exposure or not. 

  1. MgO boards are made from organic materials 

Termite, fungi feed off the edible building materials. And that’s where the magnesium boards come in. Termites in the soil environment can soon become a problem for the surface-level building materials. However, being termite and fungi-proof is one of the most significant benefits of MgO boards. 

Additionally, this means that you can consider MgO boards for any place, including the surface — inside or outside. 

  1. MgO boards are environmentally safe

If someone in your family has medical conditions like Asthma, they can utilize the MgO boards for the inner walls. This is because the MgO boards do not off-gas. Assuring a toxin-free indoor environment, MgO boards are the way to go if you look for healthier building materials for your home. 

Important to note that MgO boards are also environmentally safe. For instance, they do not harm the environment when you dispose of them. Plus, they also require less energy to produce. 

Cons of MgO Boards: Are there downsides of considering MgO boards for my home? 

There are no downsides to considering MgO boards in your home. Yes, there are some downsides of MgO boards, but they are usually at the industry level. For instance, magnesium panels construction requires skilled labor that can mix the correct proportions for the mixture. This is the same for many building materials. 

However, when considering the MgO boards for your home, there is no reason to avoid them. 


As evident from the pros and cons of MgO boards, it is easy to rule out that MgO boards are one of the best building materials available in the market. Moreover, do not forget that MgO boards have many applications. From indoor walls, surfaces, and cubicle walls to exterior walls, sheathing, or any other — MgO boards can be used as a building material in your home. 

Additionally, they do not require any skilled professionals to install them. Your local constructor worker can work efficiently and install them in your home.