The Covid-19 pandemic has altered our way of life to the point where everyone is concerned about disinfection and cleanliness. So many people died as a result of this virus, but it would not be incorrect to call it a “blessing in disguise,” as it made us realize how fortunate we are to be healthy and clean, and it also shifted our focus to the things that truly matter; our health.

Using disinfecting sprays for cleaning the tables, using fruit and veggie wash, or instructing your family to wear masks will always result in better health keeping your family safe not only from the Covid-19 virus but also from many other types of viruses.

It is not always simple to raise a family. You and your children are both quite busy. There is a lot to do in a short amount of time. However, the stakes are great. Many children nowadays are overweight or obese. A healthy, active lifestyle can aid with weight maintenance. It can also help to avoid diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, allergies, and increased blood pressure.

It is critical to establish healthy behaviors at a young age. These will assist you in making wise decisions for your family. Because children copy their parents, it is critical to set a positive example. The suggestions below might assist your family in being healthy and happy.

How Often Should You Clean?

Well, it depends on your lifestyle but some common tips are to clean high-touch surfaces like light switches, door handles, and study tables often.

Also, pay serious attention to people visiting your home, and clean the things they have touched because they might be carrying the virus. If the frequency of getting sick is higher at your home, it is better to have a complete cleaning and disinfecting by professionals and after that clean the high-touch surfaces more often.

Teach your kids to wash hands not only frequently but also properly. If you don’t wash your hands or anything for several minutes, no matter how often you wash, the bacteria, germs, and viruses will stay and cause infections.

For Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces include carpets, rugs, and drapes. You will have to keep these surfaces clean and disinfected all the time because, in carpets and rugs, viruses can live longer than on other surfaces, and also the dirt and dust trapped inside the carpet cause respiratory infections and allergies.

You can wash them using soap along with disinfecting cleaners made for carpets and rugs. After cleaning, you should vacuum properly and if you have a Covid-19 patient in the house, you should wear a mask while washing, disinfecting, and vacuuming.

Bedrooms, And Living Rooms

Other than disinfecting, you can keep your bedrooms and living rooms by installing smoke alarms on every floor and also testing the smoke alarms every month to keep safety precautions in check.

Try not to smoke inside the house, you can go out to have a smoke or designate a specific corner of your house for smoking so that your family’s health would not be affected. Clean the clutter regularly so that rodents will not have a place to burrow. Keep your floors clear of wires, dirty shoes, and laundry. These things also spread infections.

For Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important place in your house from where infections can spread. For a start, you should try to keep every food item disinfected. You can use sprays and disinfectants for fruits and vegetables.

Also, keep your kitchen floor clean and clear of anything dirty. You must have an exhaust fan and proper ventilation. Also, it is important not to use a stove for heating the house, this will never do the job and also increase the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide concentrations in your house making you suffocate. Use high-quality pest-control products like Self Control Pest and keep them away from children.

How To Disinfect Properly

people use disinfecting products but they do not know how to use them properly. They just apply it to the surface and wipe it quickly. This will keep the viruses alive and not completely kill them. 

For proper disinfection, you must apply the disinfection product to the surface and wait for a few seconds. Some products also need a few minutes to properly disinfect. Read the directions of use to disinfect the surfaces properly.

Final Thoughts

After cooking, clean and sterilize all surfaces. This extra step will aid in the elimination of dietary germs such as Campylobacter, which is a major cause of diarrhea. This will help keep insects away from the leftovers left on the counter. Maintain an orderly medicine cabinet that is free of expired drugs. If medicine has expired, dispose of it properly. A healthy house may contribute to a healthy body! Make your house healthier by following these guidelines!