When the weather isn’t right or it’s wintertime, then a children’s birthday party is best kept indoors. At first, it may be difficult to brainstorm ideas for your child’s birthday indoors since outdoor fun is much easier. Well, the good news is that there are lots of fun indoor games for children’s birthday parties to choose from.

From old classics to newer games, your child will be guaranteed to have an unforgettable birthday party. The activities listed below are the type that provide children with hours of fun. So, there’s no need to worry about the children getting bored along the way. Plus, you’ll find that planning for at least of the two following activities will give you enough of a head start on your planning.

1) Twister Ultimate

The game of Twister is one of those old classics that never get old. What is Twister Ultimate? Twister Ultimate is better suited for parties because it’s twice the size of classic Twister. This means that more people can join in on the fun without having to wait their turn on the sidelines.

Twister Ultimate is recommended for children six and up. To play, you spin the wheel to direct participants where to place their limbs. Also, there’s an Alexa option if you prefer to pair your Twister experience with an Echo device. With Alexa, you simply let the device know that you’re ready to play Twister. Once engaged, Alexa will call out the commands for you.

Additionally, there are multiple methods of gameplay, with one where you eliminate a row of colored spots for players. Regardless, the last person standing is the winner. With a bit of a twist, you’ll be able to start a tournament with enough children and offer prizes to the winners. This will help motivate the kids to participate.

2) Indoor Bowling

The easiest way to get games of indoor bowling going is clear an area and invest in at least one inflatable bowling set. The giant pins and bowling bowl will be sure to captivate children’s attention and make them want to play.

With enough room, you’ll be able to set up multiple sets of pins to give everyone the chance to play. Most inflatable bowling sets have a scoring system with the points awarded listed at the top of the pin. Adults can help the children keep score to see who wins.

Eventually, once children realize how fun it is to knock the pins over, they’ll more than likely begin a game of human bowling to knock over the pins. In the end, the inflatable pins alone can provide hours of fun and laughter. On top of that, there’s always the option to start a tournament, similar to the idea for Twister mentioned above.

3) Bounce House

Featuring a bounce house at a child’s birthday party doesn’t have to be limited to outdoor use. In fact, there are plenty of bounce houses available online for indoor use. The key is to measure your space, including the length, width, and height of your largest room. Then, compare those dimensions against the bounce houses that interest you.

Plus, you’ll want to make sure that there’s enough clearance around the bounce house to avoid having its walls crash into your home’s walls. As for appropriate ages, typically, younger children and toddlers are better candidates for an indoor bounce house since space is more limited.

Lastly, you’ll want to account for the blower that keeps the bounce house inflated during use. The blower will make some noise, but it shouldn’t be too bad if you choose a model suitable for indoor use. The key is to find a spot to place the blower so that the noise doesn’t interfere with any party activities.

4) Bean Bag Toss Game

One of the best carnival games to bring indoors is the bean bag toss game. To play it, you stack cans worth different point values, with the cans at the base being worth the most points. When stacking the cans, you’ll form a pyramid.

Then, the children will toss several bean bags to try and knock down all of the cans. The children who earn the most points are the winners. And kids will undoubtedly love this game because of the excitement experienced each time the cans go toppling over.

You’ll want to play on carpet or lay down some soft material to avoid having the cans crash down on a hard surface. Also, always check the edges of the cans to make sure that they’re smooth and safe to handle for everyone.

5) Treasure Hunt

Kids love pirates, and creating your very own treasure hunt is the best way to bring the spirit of the pirate into your home. If you’re a bit artistic, do your best to create some pirate-themed maps that lead to different treasures that you’ll hide around your home.

Next, split the children into small teams and provide them with the maps to discover the treasures you hid. The team that collects the most treasures wins, and you’ll want to provide that team with the ultimate hidden treasure at the end.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with a good game of treasure hunt because kids love surprises. After the game wraps up, the participants will surely have some laughs about the fresh memories they made. Another fun treasure hunt idea is to solve the clues and puzzles at an Escape Room Birthday Party.

Closing Thoughts

Transforming your child’s birthday party into an unforgettable time requires good indoor party games. Use the activities in this guide to make a party full of fun or use them as stepping stones to find similar activities that your child will love.

Additionally, adding themes to these games can help children get more involved. Such as using themes from their favorite movies or TV shows. Because after all, using your imagination is what makes any birthday party more unique.

Lastly, as always, make safety a priority when organizing your activities. This means checking over everything to make sure it’s working properly. Especially, if you plan to rent or buy a bounce house.