Bra shopping is usually quite stressful since one can be shy to try on the bras so that they can get what they want and also, not knowing your bra size is an issue. Some people are usually afraid to shop for bras because they either have big boobs or small boobs. However, it would help if you were not scared to shop for bras because bras come in different sizes, such as 28d bras, 30a, c and d and many other measures, and all of them are marked with letters that you can know your actual size. 

Since some women wear bras with the letter d, such as size 28d bras,  they are usually afraid to buy bras because they are a bit big and put on uncomfortable bras that don’t fit them well. Moreover, most women don’t know how to pick the right bra size and here is what you can do to make sure you are comfortable. 

  1. Know your size

You need to know that each brand has a different size with their bras, so it’s essential to know your bra size.  Another thing to note is that you should know your bra size and your sisters, making shopping easier. Another tip to consider is when you go up in the band in the cup and vice versa. 

  1. Support comes from the band 

Most women think that having the right bra cup is the only answer, but this is not the case; you also need a fitting band because this is what supports your bra. The other reason why the straps need to be comfortable is to fix your bra and make the bra fit precisely how it should. Always make sure your straps and cups are fitting. 

  1. Purchase many bras to last 

Most bras take approximately 6months before they start to wear out and this depends on how often you wear them and clean them. You can decide to buy a couple of designs so that you could have something to put on when other bras start to wear out. 

  1. Put on a t-shirt as you go shopping 

Wearing a t-shirt is very important because it gives you a chance to see how the bra will look on you even on top of other clothes and also trying on your bra is quite simple. You could opt for a light t-shirt or one that is not see-through and use it as your dummy. 


Every woman has different bra sizes, and you need to know your height so that shopping could be more accessible and so that you could be comfortable the whole day. Look into the tips above, and you shall always have the right bra for you even when you shop online. All the tips above are things that most women don’t know of or end up not putting them into consideration, but if they do, it will help them a whole lot.