If you have seen a few of the old-time casino movies, it will be hard for you to remember any high roller or undercover spy playing poker or some table game without a glass full of cocktails in their hand. Since the filmy portrayal, it’s become a common thing to witness in real casinos and those that enjoy top-canadiancasinos.com/no-deposit-bonus

In Canada, players enjoy cocktails to get the vibe along with the casino games to elevate their relaxation and fun needs. This way of enjoying casinos has made a significant impact on casino players. They prefer to have a cocktail while playing at the best online casinos. Imagine its craze. So, if you’re new to the casino world or simply looking for some tips on what alcoholic beverages you should get while playing at casinos, this guide will help. Check the top 5 cocktails that you must try in casino Canada. 

Dry Martini 

A martini is the most popular casino drink as it’s the highly preferred cocktail of the famous cinematic spy – James Bond. You can always enjoy the beauty of martini, provided it’s shaken, not stirred. You can now hold a dry martini glass, enjoy social media and jump right into the crusade. The cocktail is made up of gin and dry vermouth, and you can easily find it at any Canadian casino. 

To make this drink even more enjoyable, you can find casino bars offering it with olives on top and a lemon. Some casinos even offer a dry martini stuffed with olives to enliven the taste. If you really want to get the James Bond experience out of this cocktail, then grab a glass and pair it with an online or in-person casino game. 

Gin and Tonic

The world-famous cocktail – gin and tonic – is something you can get at any Canadian casino. One of the favourites of every casino player, this exquisite drink ensures low-calorie intake and delivers a very mild taste.  

Mild taste doesn’t imply that it’s not enjoyable. If you think so, you’re wrong. This is a highly customizable casino drink that you can order according to your desired alcohol content.  You can enjoy this drink while playing the best online casino games at home too. All you need is a stirrer like a fork, a highball glass, and some gin and tonic water. 

Long Island Iced Tea

If you ask any regular casino player, you’ll get to know that this drink is not only iced tea but way more than that. A Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) is a widely popular cocktail at almost every casino in Canada. You can either enjoy this drink with a punch of multiple alcoholic beverages or minimal alcohol. It’s all up to your mood and preference. So you can sip this drink and enjoy the games from the Oculus Gaming Showcase. This drink is usually made with a punch of vodka, rum, gin, and tequila. Isn’t that exciting to even read it? 

If you want to enjoy this cocktail while playing online casino games at home, you can do it easily. Just pick a martini glass or a highball glass from the kitchen, pour the alcohol you want to add and stir it with a mixture of cola and lemon juice. 

Pina Colada

If you’re going to try a cocktail for the first time, nothing would be better than a glass of Pina Colada. There are a few retro songs where you’ll find this drink to play a significant role. This cocktail is a highly refreshing and delightful drink as it’s served with pineapples and coconut milk. It’s a perfect combo of milky and sweet. For the alcoholic ingredient, this drink comes with some amount of white rum. 

Suppose you order this drink at some reputed Canadian casino. In that case, you’ll find them serving it with a cherry on top or a small umbrella to make it more visually appealing and elegant. 


Another favourite cocktail of most Canadian casino players is the ultimate refresher – mojito. What makes mojito such a popular cocktail option worldwide is its customizability with various flavours. 

For instance, if you visit a Canadian casino, ensure to order a strawberry-flavoured mojito if that’s present on the menu. If not, you can stick with the original recipe as it’s an excellent one too. The classic cocktail mojito is a perfect example of sweetness blended with a precise amount of mint and lime. 

Other Top Cocktail Options Available in Canadian Casinos

  • Margarita 

Margarita is a fantastic cocktail option for all tequila and casino enthusiasts. However, if you are not a fan of tequila, you would feel a bit overwhelmed with a glass of margarita. So, that’s that.  As margaritas can be made strong, you must think before ordering. After all, you’ve to play responsibly in a casino, so know your alcohol intake capacity and order accordingly.  Although a glass of margarita may look all modest with the sugar-coated decor over the rim of the glass, it will definitely give you a good kick.  

  • Screwdriver

A screwdriver is an excellent cocktail that will deliver an ocean of yumminess to your taste buds. This drink is simply made with orange juice and vodka. However, if you want to enjoy the sweet cocktail, even more, you can ask the casino to customise the alcohol content. 

  • Bloody Mary 

Although the name may sound a bit uncanny, it doesn’t consist of any blood. So, take a chill pill on that! This cocktail comes with a perfect blend of alcohol and tomato juice with a celery stick.  It has the magical power of either curing your hangover or resulting in even a bigger one the next day. Maybe that’s how this drink got its name – Bloody Mary!

  • Beer 

You must be wondering what’s been doing here, it’s not a cocktail, and you’re right. Although not a cocktail, it certainly can be an ingredient in one. You can enjoy a shandy, fruit-tasting and lemony beer during the summers. Now, shandies are available in various flavours than just lemon, making it a great refreshing option at casinos. 

So, with some insight into the top delicious and mouth-watering cocktail options, you can enjoy your time spent in a casino even better. Whether you want to celebrate or just need to relax while playing, order one of these cocktails and make every moment worth it in the casino.