We all know that women are amazing and here we are going to focus exactly on women around the world who are working hard to provide for our industries and their families. Given that it has just been International Women’s Day and that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this is the perfect time for us to switch our attention to all those incredible women out there who are working hard to provide. 

Let’s take a look at exactly how women really do make the world go around. 

Female Immigrant Workers

A figure which may surprise you is that 48% of all immigrant workers around the world are women, that is 48% of the total workforce. There is a common assumption that it is the immigrant males who dedicate themselves to the workforce, but as we can see this is simply not the case. Not only are these women working hard in industries throughout the world, they are often raising families at the same time, showcasing just how hard they work and how committed they are to providing for their families. 

Taking Drastic Steps

Many of those women who are working abroad have taken the drastic step to leave family behind in order to find better opportunities to earn. Moms working abroad will send money back home using the likes of Ria Money Transfer, so that they can provide financial support for their children and for their families. Ria money transfer is a trusted service which has been in the market for over 30 years, which is why this is relied upon sir heavily for money transfer. This must be such a hard decision for these women to make, but they understand that in doing so they will be able to provide financially for their children’s futures. 

Pain of Distance 

There is no doubt that taking the decision to leave a family behind, even if it is for the greater good, is incredibly difficult. Whilst they are able to support their family financially, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a huge amount of sacrifice which is made here. Children who grow up without their moms, even if they are looked after by aunties and grandmothers, will certainly lack the emotional support and love which so many children around the world are able to count on. In spite of this however, love alone, without financially support for the future, is not always enough.


Whilst leaving the family to take opportunities abroad is painful for both mother and children, we have seen so many instances whereby mothers will reconnect with their family. This often happens once the mother has created a stable income and solid environment in which they are able to bring their children. This may only be a small percent of the women who leave their home country, but it is certainly the dream for all mothers who do so. 

Let’s take a moment to think about how incredible these women are, and just how much the actions they take can help their children to have a better life.