If you were going to book a relaxing spa day as a treat for someone, you’re probably thinking of booking it for the wonderful women in your life. However, these retreats aren’t just for women. In the UK, spa breaks are one of the most popular ways to unwind as they allow you to fully relax and be pampered from head to toe, and more men are booking them now than ever. Keep reading to discover why a spa day can be a perfect gift for everyone, not just the ladies.  

History Proves It

Just because movies might depict spas as a popular destination for women, doesn’t mean it’s true. Throughout history, men have visited spas and experienced the wonders of being pampered. Ancient Romans were common spa-goers, and men were the main visitors. Ignore the tired trope that spas are only for a girl’s getaway and book yourself in for a day of relaxation.    


Generally, male body hair is a lot coarser than women’s, and shaving it constantly can cause irritation to the skin, amongst other problems. Waxing tends to be kinder to the skin and causes less irritation over time. This type of hair removal also lasts a lot longer than other methods too, so not only will you do your skin a favour, but you’ll also save money in the long run. Most spas will specialise in different types of waxing, so why not book a waxing session, and see the results for yourself. 


Taking care of your hands and feet should be as normal as taking care of your teeth, but these parts of the body are often overlooked by men. Getting a manicure will help keep your nails looking neat and stops the need for you to bite them. Manicures can also help keep the skin on your hands smooth and soft, which your partner will probably appreciate! Pedicures are a great way to keep your feet looking clean. Not only will the therapist trim and buff your toenails, but they’ll also work the whole foot and remove any dead or dry skin. This way you can feel confident about wearing your sandals on your next holiday and stop accidentally scratching your partner at night. 

Deal With Stress

Apart from the amazing treatments that are available for men, spas can provide a getaway that allows you to completely destress. You could even book a massage to allow your body to release all the tension you’ve accumulated. While you’re being pampered, you can forget about all your daily troubles as you’re completely removed from the hustle and bustle of your busy schedule.  

Some spas may offer tailored spaces just for men, so make sure to check this with your chosen location before attending. Don’t let any preconceptions about spas put you off either. They’re just as welcoming to men as they are to women, so don’t be afraid to treat you or the special man in your life to a gorgeous day of relaxation.