On average, it takes around one year to feel the full effects of losing a close loved one. After all, death is final, and it often comes with no warnings.

Unfortunately, losing loved ones is a normal part of life that everyone goes through. Grieving a loss is also expected, yet everyone mourns in different ways. 

Another part of death is determining how to honor a deceased loved one. Honoring that person can help you keep their memories alive and can be comforting. 

If you’re looking for ways to honor a deceased loved one, check out the ideas listed in this guide.

Purchase a Gravesite

After a close loved one passed away, you should honor their request with the handling of their body. Many people state their wishes in their estate plans, and one common desire is to be buried.

Regardless of whether your loved one wants a burial or not, you can always purchase a gravesite. A gravesite doesn’t need a burial, but it does require a headstone.

When you have a gravesite with a headstone, you have a place to go to honor your loved one. You can visit this site as often as you’d like, and you can decorate it with flowers and other items. 

You can also host family memorials at the gravesite, paying your honor and respect to this person. 

Buy an Urn

As you decide how to honor a deceased loved one, you might choose to buy an urn from memorials.com. You would need to buy an urn if your loved one chose cremation, but you can buy one even if they didn’t.

An urn is a decorative item you can display anywhere in your home. When you see it, you’ll think of the person you lost. You can display it by itself or create a small memorial on a desk, table, or shelf. 

Keeping the urn on display in your home shows respect and honor, and you can keep their memory alive through this option. 

You can choose from hundreds of different urns. They come in many sizes, colors, and shapes, and you can choose the one you like.

Other family members can also buy urns to display in their homes. If you cremate your loved one, you can divide the ashes between the urns. 

Celebrate Special Occasions

You can also honor a loved one by celebrating special occasions.

For example, you’ll probably never forget your loved one’s birthday, even though they’re no longer here. So you could plan a small celebration or family get-together each year to remember this person on their birthday. 

If you lose your spouse, you might want to do something special each year on your anniversary date to honor them and your marriage.

You could even host a small family gathering at their gravesite each year on the anniversary of the day they died. Planning special celebrations is a great way to honor them and remember their life. 

Donate to a Cause

Many families donate money or time to various causes when honoring deceased loved ones. 

For example, if a loved one died of cancer, you might want to donate money to the American Cancer Society. In addition, you can make donations in honor of people with many organizations. 

Some organizations even place plaques on the walls when people donate large amounts. You can include a saying on the plaque in some cases. 

Offer a Scholarship

Another great idea is to offer a scholarship in memory of a loved one. For example, you could choose a local college or trade school and then advertise the scholarship.

Additionally, you could offer a one-time scholarship or an annual one. You could also set the requirements for applying for it. You would also have the option of choosing the recipient each year. 

Plant a Tree or Flower

Planting a tree or flower in memory of your loved one is another way to honor a friend or relative. When you plant a tree or flower, you’re planting something alive. 

You can place it anywhere in your yard, and you can put it with other plants or alone. Each time you see this plant, you’ll instantly remember your loved one. You could even place a small plaque by it or a sign with their name. 

If you care for this plant, it could live forever, and it will be a constant reminder of the love you have for the person you lost. 

Keep Some Pictures of Them

People also honor a parent or friend by keeping pictures of the person around their homes. You can hang photos on your walls or place frames on tables. 

You can make a collage print with multiple pictures or use individual ones. The point is to display these pictures in memory of your loved one, which helps you keep their memory alive in your heart and mind.

You’ll never forget your loved ones if you display their pictures around your home. 

Purchase a Cremation Necklace

Did you know that you can buy cremation jewelry to wear as a way to honor someone you lost? For example, you can buy a cremation necklace.

These necklaces have small containers attached to them to hold your loved one’s remains. Therefore, these are ideal for loved ones that chose cremation.

You can choose from crosses, flowers, or other items, and you could choose an item that helps you remember your friend. For example, if your loved one drove a motorcycle, you could choose a motorcycle necklace. 

Each time you wear this necklace, you’ll have a part of your loved one with you. 

Learn How to Honor a Deceased Loved One With These Ideas

Learning how to honor a deceased loved one can be comforting in your mourning process. When you take the time to honor them, you can keep their memories alive. 

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