Surprise engagement parties are always fun and blissful; planning one requires paying attention to detail while focusing on remarkable things the couples, especially the bride-to-be, would love. 

The Third Day event planners always pay attention to these details, and here are some key things to consider when planning a surprise engagement party. 

engaged engagement ring proposal

Make Your Guest List 

This is crucial to consider before looking at other aspects, as the guests have a significant role in the event. When coming up with a list, ensure that those present will witness the big day because it will look like a type to invite people to celebrate the engagement and not the wedding. Do not make assumptions during this stage. 

Set A Budget 

The budget for engagement does not have to be too much since the actual day is still coming. Focus on; food, drinks, engagement area, and décor to make it buoyant, classic, romantic, and simple yet elegant. 

Choose A Theme 

There is no rule-abiding regarding engagement themes and their similarity to a wedding. This relies on the groom planning the surprise if they want something straightforward or going a little overboard – budgeting greatly influences this phase. Go in for whatever theme can be afforded, or go theme less.  

What matters most is envisioning how the space will look, considering colors, lighting, and other vital factors. The Third Day event planning services take time to comprehend what the would-be bride loves and works according to that. 

Be Strategic About The Date 

Select a date that would be favorable for the guests and fiancée. At times, holiday weekends will be ideal, especially for relatives and friends who are not nearby and would want to witness and be part of that big moment.  

Decide Where The Party Will Be Hosted 

Engagements can be done in any beautiful environment like; halls, resorts, beaches, restaurants, at the couple’s home, or the home of any other family member. The primary purpose is to meet the expectations of surprising the bride. 

Thinking if all these matters? It is the first of many beautiful memories for the new blissful journey and equally the first of several pre-wedding celebrations, so choose a scenery that offers the space that is needed alongside food and drinks and provides the necessary vibes and ambiance for the event. 

Determine The Menu 

Looking at the budget, theme, and the total number of guests to be in attendance, it will be possible to decide on the food and cocktails for the occasion. The food prepared should be what can match the preferences of every guest, or they can even have a bite despite their allergies. Most importantly, the menu should not be too expensive yet delightful for everyone present. 

Come Up With Fun Activities For The Guests

Engagement parties are a good time for family members to bond; for those who have not met in a long while, or for others who do not know each other.  

Relax And Enjoy The Day 

Working with an event planning company will help reduce the weight and stress that comes with planning an event, giving room for everyone to enjoy themselves while having fun.