Smoothie bowls are a great way to enjoy smoothies creatively. These super thick smoothies are eaten in a bowl with a spoon, and you can enjoy a variety of toppings that make for creative flavors. Not only do toppings add in flavor, but also texture and can be a healthy supplement.

Here are some fun and healthy additions to your smoothie bowls!


Fruits are a great way to add a variety of nutrients to your smoothie bowls. This could be anything from banana slices to frozen berries or dried fruits (such as raisins). It also can add a nice pop of color!


Nuts are a good source of energy and nutrition, and adds in some texture as well.


There are many kinds of seeds out there. Chia seeds are a popular choice, as they are a great source of fiber and vegetarian omega-3s. There are plenty of other options, like hemp, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax.


Coconut comes in flakes, shreds, or chunks, and add great flavor.


Chocolate can add a some sweetness and flavor to your smoothie bowl. There are a variety of options, from cacao nibs (an unprocessed form of chocolate) to mini chocolate chips to shaved chocolate.

Peanut butter or other nut butters

A different twist on nuts, nut butters add in a creamy texture with a kick of flavor.

Granola or other cereal

Granola is a common topping, usually adding some sweetness and some crunch to your smoothie bowl. There are lots of different kinds of granola, and you can also make your own custom granola at home.


There are a variety of superfoods that make good toppings.

Chia seeds
Goji berries
Cacao nibs
Hemp seeds
Bee pollen