Gold might not be an income generating asset, but it’s valuable and considered a safety net during tough economic times. According to a report on Investopedia, the price of gold increased by almost 360% from 1990 to 2020 and 330% between 2005 and 2020. It’s every parent’s desire to provide for the future of their children. As a parent, you want to feel secure that your child is well taken care of should anything happen to you. 

While there are other interesting ways to plan for your child’s future, such as investing in shares and stocks and providing them with quality education, nothing beats precious metal investment. Investing in precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver is a tangible way to ensure that your children are provided for. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in precious metals for your children’s future. 

Increased Value Over Time

Gold, platinum, and silver are tangible assets and their value continues to appreciate. This means buying now can result in a high return on investment by the time your children are adults. Investing in precious metals to save for your children’s inheritance is a good long-term investment strategy. Plus, these precious metals are a universal finite currency. Whether you’re in the market for US gold coins or silver rounds, your children can easily convert them into cash anywhere in the world. But before investing in gold coins, bars, or rounds, research more about their buying price, karat, and size to ensure you’re making the right investment choice. 

Precious Metals Are Timeless Investments

Today, investors spend huge sums of money on investments that weren’t around 60 years ago or even 30 years ago. Think about NFTs and cryptocurrencies, then compare gold and silver that have been in existence for centuries. Digital assets like NFTs might disappear in a cyberattack, but precious metals will always be timeless. The importance of gold and silver in jewelry making, arts, and other markets makes them more valuable than other investments. 

Zero Counterparty Risks

Physical precious metals make great investments for your kids’ future because they don’t have counterparty risks. In simple terms, the amount of silver, gold, or platinum investment you have is owned by you and your children without third parties. So, when the time comes to pass the inheritance, you can do it physically, meaning there is no transfer of paperwork or involvement of financial institutions who can devalue your precious metals. However, if you prefer involving a third-party, you can keep bullion investments in a trust, with age and time restrictions. 

Precious metals, such as gold, platinum, and silver are great investment options you should consider as an egg nest for your children’s future. These precious metals offer many benefits like increased price value over time and they don’t need to involve a third-party. Gold and silver are also timeless, meaning they’ll always have a coveted value over other assets.