One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to allow time for a break now and then. This means giving ourselves a break in terms of the criticism we levy as part of mistakes we make, as well as giving ourselves a break from the hard work we take part in each week to keep ourselves and our families afloat.

Life isn’t easy, and so it’s perfectly understandable that you need some breathing room from time to time. Furthermore, it’s also worth reminding yourself that you deserve a treat now and again, because going without everything just for the sake of it never really provides anything of worth. You’re in no way lesser to those around you, after all.

The power of indulging your interests from time to time can help you improve your mental health, gives you the chance to have a little fun, and of course, allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways you can do that without being reckless or feeling guilty about investing in yourself:

Treating Yourself At Random

It can be healthy to see yourself as enough to start with. This might sound contrary to usual expectations, where we expect to earn everything we get, and in some regard that latter perspective is healthy. But it’s important to remember that even if you fail from time to time, what matters is doing your best.

It’s okay, then, if you go for that Friday night dessert, or treat yourself to a nice coffee on the way to work. Little things like that can help you keep yourself healthy, an active sense of self-regard for just being alive and doing what you can. This is enough.

These little gifts don’t have to be massive. For some, it might just be that they toast a little sourdough with their meal for a little more indulgence. For others,it might mean including someone else in this treat, such as heading for ice cream on the way home from meeting your partner at their workplace. Do you really need a manifesto to decide how and why you’re worth it? You know when the time is right.

Earning A Prize

Of course, it can also be the case that using incentives for your worthwhile action can help motivate you, and ultimately grant you a necessary reward at the end of it. It might be that you’re working towards a promotion with everything you have. Maybe the chance of widening your responsibilities for a decent salary bonus is something that you really wish to gain.

Once you get it, which may take a little bit of overtime and the willingness to put your ideas forward instead of hiding them out of worry, perhaps you could book that two-day adventure to a small cottage for the weekend – a romantic getaway for you and your partner. 


Indulging in your interest is often akin to celebrating a worthwhile event should it take place. For instance, your anniversary might be coming up, and so planning to enjoy a gorgeous evening out in a wonderful new Teppanyaki grill and bar is something worth planning and budgeting for.

Or, perhaps you wish to gain a pair of private number plates as a side treat for finally restoring that classic car in your garage and making it roadworthy. Indulgences, when planned as a celebration, can be the cherry atop an already amazing consideration. In the long run, this is sure to have a worthwhile effect.

Shared Loves

Indulgences don’t have to be a solo enterprise, something that you keep to your chest and never share with anyone. Sometimes, the things you love and want to spend time with are a great indicator of your personality, and someone who may wish to know you, such as a friend, relative, child, or partner, may be more than willing to engage that nerdy habit with you.

Perhaps the local aviation museum is celebrating its 30th year of operation, and they have a range of wonderful new displays on show as well as a public lecture from an old fighter pilot. It could be amazing to go and see that, and inviting someone who wouldn’t usually be into this stuff, perhaps your wife or husband, can help them see a side of you that they might cherish. It’s hard not to feel excited by someone sharing their passions with you. Of course, it’s important to make sure you return the favor. This might mean taking up your partner on the salsa dancing lessons they’ve wanted to take since forever. As you can see, indulgences aren’t just indulgent, but also a great way to share and put something positive into your relationships.

Reducing Stress

Indulgences can also have very real positive influences on your mental and physical health. Perhaps you’ve had an awful week at work. Your boss keeps making unrealistic demands of your department, and it’s led to conflict in the office. Not only that, but your son or daughter has lost their instrument at school, and that means you’ll need to shell out a few hundred for a replacement. You go home, and realize that the hazard light on your dashboard shines for a problem you need to have seen to professionally. Turning on the television as you walk in, you see the news, and well… it’s the news.

It might just be that you have some birthday cash left over. Immediately, you go over to your laptop, type in ‘spa and massages near me,’ and find the first highly-rated business. Booking a session for that weekend, you forget about it. When the weekend rolls around, a reminder on your phone helps you remember your plans and how you booked that session. You arrive, enjoy the massage, and come out feeling brand new. All of a sudden, you can deal with these problems with less worry than you had originally. Sure, it was an indulgent spend, but all of the stress you were holding in your shoulders dissolved in the qualified fingertips of your masseuse. An indulgence well spent.

It’s Your Solemn Duty To Enjoy Yourself

Let us say this without a hint of irony, sarcasm or embellishment – some people genuinely do not know how, or have forgotten, how to enjoy themselves. This might sound a little silly, because of course, enjoyment is a spectrum. Not everything is ‘visit Disneyworld’ levels of fun, perhaps the blueberry & banana oatmeal this morning was something you enjoyed.

But you’ll also find that many people, especially people who run careers, have families, and may have financial worries to take care of, totally forget to enjoy themselves as they deserve to. This can be a real tragedy. It could be considered your solemn right to enjoy yourself. It’s a skill you need to flex. Because often, we learn through play and fun as much as we do hardship and grinding.

It might just be, then, that taking your child to a move this weekend is the best first step. Perhaps just picking up an instrument you haven’t tried for ten years is another way to express yourself. Make time this weekend for that one thing you want to do, rather than what you have to do. With that effort, a competent balance is achieved.

With this advice, we believe you’ll see the power in indulging your interests from time to time. After a while, you’ll be able to see the personal, relational, and wellbeing support this can provide.