Thinking about adding nutritional supplements to your diet? Well, you’re certainly not the only one. Even if you are the type of person that gets enough sleep, eats all their fruits and veggies and drinks a ton of fluids, there’s still a high chance you’re not getting all the nutrients your body needs. In fact, 90% of people fail to meet their daily requirements, which is why dietary supplements are a must.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to swoop into the pharmacy and find the ideal health products immediately. Sadly, however, we’re not living in a perfect world. Instead, we’re forced to go through a whole process of trial and error until we find the supplements that match our needs. Luckily though, there are a few all-natural contenders that almost always lead the race. Among them, Oriental Botanicals Health Products are definitely a fan favourite.

What Products Can You Buy at Oriental Botanicals?

In a nutshell, the brand’s main focus is developing natural products to achieve the vitality and well-being we all so desperately crave. By combining traditional medical practices with contemporary research, they’ve managed to produce a line of potent and efficient dietary supplements that contribute to the normal function of both the body and mind.

Immunity Boosters

These kinds of supplements are an effective way of enhancing your immune defences and improving your health. For instance, Astralagus 8 is traditionally used as an immune tonic in ancient Chinese medicine. It’s known to trigger a healthy immune system response to combat illnesses and decrease the occurrence of common colds.

Another notable mention is the Multivitamin and Mineral Excel range, which contains 35 active ingredients in a one-a-day tablet. Some of these ingredients include selenium and vitamins C and E which act as antioxidants as well as vitamin K which supports artery health and proper function of the cardiovascular system.

Cold and Flu Medication

Even if you do end up contracting the flu, you’ll find a number of remedies by browsing through the Oriental Botanicals online store. The ViraForce line in particular contains a clinically trialled mix of zinc and vitamin C as well as concentrated herbal extracts of dry Andrographis. This specific blend can help minimise signs of the common cold, including a cough, sore throat, runny nose and fatigue. Moreover, this dietary supplement supports optimal energy production, which will keep you more alert throughout the day.

Digestion and Detox

We’ve all dealt with an upset stomach at one point or another so it’s no surprise that gut health supplements have found their way onto this list. The GutBiotic formula is a good start because it’s made up of 14 probiotic strains that provide relief for bowel discomfort and abdominal bloating. Moreover, it encourages the growth of beneficial gut flora, especially during or after antibiotic use. These microorganisms boost your metabolism and help digest food quickly while absorbing all the necessary nutrients.

In addition, milk thistle is commonly used as a liver tonic in Western practices. It contributes to the natural detoxification processes that occur in the liver, effectively reducing symptoms of indigestion and irritable bowel movement. This particular Oriental Botanicals supplement is laced with Schisandra and goji berry which act as additional support for liver health and function.

Muscle and Joint Health

Over the years, nutrients such as calcium and magnesium have become absolute must-haves when dealing with joint pain or discomfort. These supplements play a vital role in your overall bone and muscle health, in addition to increasing your mobility and ease of movement.

Curcumin blends are a common choice as well, especially if you’re dealing with inflammation, mild aches and rheumatic pain. When used in combination with turmeric formulas, it may relieve long-term joint discomfort and prevent soft tissue injuries.

Sleep Support and Stress Relief

Seeing as we’re living in a fast-paced world with numerous errands to run and deadlines to meet, it’s not surprising that our stress and anxiety levels have soared through the roof. As a result, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule seems more and more like a challenge rather than something that comes naturally.

For this reason, many people are turning to stress relief supplements to help manage their hectic lifestyles. For instance, the Anxiolift formula is a highly concentrated extract of ashwagandha (also known as Withania), which is supposed to improve the body’s ability to adapt and respond to stress. Polygala is another active ingredient that is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to minimise signs of restlessness and irritability.

Those that are dealing with insomnia and need a bit more help to fall asleep will find much to love in the Somnicalm tablets which are known to induce sleep. Their active ingredients, Ziziphus and passionflower, are normally used to relieve mild anxiety symptoms and help ease your mind.

Energy & Concentration Supplements

We all have low energy levels or trouble concentrating sometimes. This may have a negative impact on our overall productivity and efficiency during the day, which is an understandably frustrating experience.

If you want to avoid fatigue and memory problems, you might want to consider getting energy boosters as supplements. Ginseng is widely believed to have a positive impact on your stamina and mental resilience, increasing your alertness and energy levels as you go about your day.

Hair & Skin Health

Taking proper care of your skin and hair is absolutely essential. Not only will this make you look good, but it’ll help you feel better as well.

Among the skin care products, Dermavital stands out with its gentle formula. One of its active ingredients is Japanese catnip, which is commonly used to relieve redness and itching that are caused by mild eczema. Burdock is another ingredient that’s quite beneficial for those dealing with dry, flaky skin because it moisturises the skin and improves its natural barrier.

If you want to prevent hair loss and encourage the growth of new follicles, then Hairpro is exactly the supplement you’re looking for. Biota and dong quai serve as its key ingredients, which are known to prevent hair thinning and scalp irritation.