CBD topicals make up a large proportion of the CBD industry and are quickly become one of the most popular ways to use the compound.

Topicals offer several benefits that cannot be found in other CBD products due to how they are used and applied to the body.

Additionally, CBD topicals such as creams and CBD ointments can be used both as a beauty product and a natural health remedy. 

So, what exactly is CBD ointment, and what are its benefits?

How Are CBD Ointments Different from Other CBD Products?

CBD topicals are different from other CBD products, like oils drops and edibles. Rather than being ingested, topicals are applied to the surface layers of the body, such as hair, nails, and skin.

Due to how CBD topicals, like ointments, are used, they only affect an isolated area of the body, allowing users more autonomy and control. This is not the case with other ingested CBD products, which can be felt across the entire body.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Ointment and Why Is It Good for Your Skin?

Some research suggests that CBD ointments also provide a wide range of health benefits and positively impact the skin.

These are just five ways that people may benefit from CBD ointments.

#1 CBD Ointment Is an Excellent Moisturizer

CBD beauty ointments are one of the latest trends within the beauty industry. Hemp plants, particularly CBD, are known to have deeply hydrating properties making them perfect when used as a moisturizer.

CBD ointments can usually be used across the body, also making them multi-purpose. However, certain ointments are designed to target specific areas of the body and contain ingredients that are best suited to that area. It’s always best to check the product itself for directions on usage. 

#2 Can CBD Ointment Prevent Joint Stiffness?

CBD topicals are considered by many to be a great way to reduce joints and muscle stiffness. One of the things that makes CBD ointments so helpful in reducing stiffness intense areas of the body is that they can be applied directly.

Most CBD products, such as capsules and oil drops, are ingested and impact the entire body. Ingested CBD products can also take longer than CBD topicals to feel their effects, as they have to be processed within the body. CBD ointments are applied directly to the affected area for fast-acting results.

#3 Can CBD Ointment Be Used to Treat Pain?

One of the oldest and most popular reasons for using CBD is as a natural pain remedy. CBD interacts with pain receptors within the body similarly to other pain remedies and temporarily reduces the levels of pain that can be felt.

Many people prefer to use CBD ointments for treating general aches and pains as they can be applied directly to the painful area. The effects of CBD ointments can be felt much quicker than many other CBD products as they do not have to work their way through the body before being felt.

#4 Can CBD Ointment Reduce Inflammation?

The anti-inflammatory properties found within hemp plants make CBD ointments ideal for reducing unnecessary inflammation across the body. Many chronic conditions, like arthritis, are caused by inflammation within joints. While inflammation is the body’s natural and healthy response to a problem, it can also be caused by a miscommunication within the body and not actually serve a positive purpose.

Products like CBD ointments can be applied directly to inflamed areas of the body, providing both anti-inflammatory effects and acting as a short-term pain remedy.

CBD ointments may be useful for people who suffer from chronic conditions caused by inflammation. They often allow for one area of the body to be treated while not affecting the cannabinoid levels of the rest of the body.

#5 CBD Ointment Can Prevent Irritations and Skin Blemishes

CBD ointments are increasingly being recommended for treating skin blemishes and irritations. A number of the cannabinoids found within hemp plants may effectively reduce inflammation and redness, which can often cause painful patches of skin and irritations.

CBD ointments, in particular, are a useful product type as they provide deep levels of hydration which can help the skin to heal and make it less painful. The cannabinoids within CBD ointments also provide the affected area of the body with vital nutrients and minerals that it needs to recover.