Alzheimer’s disease is a cognitive condition that affects 6 million people in the United States annually. Several others suffer from dementia and other memory-related conditions. 

The family members of these people also suffer. These conditions require constant care that only trained medical professionals can provide. 

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This care is offered around the clock at memory care facilities. If you’re asking, “How can I find the best memory care facilities near me?”, start with the information below. 

Research the Kind of Memory Care Offered

First off, what is memory care?

Memory care is a form of retirement living that includes extra care for those who suffer from these cognitive issues. This is critical to both the safety and quality of the patient. 

It also puts their family members at ease, since their loved ones will get hot meals, bathing and grooming, and constant assistance coping with their condition.

Examples of the types of memory care that you can look for include full-time residential care, day centers, assisted living, independent living, and continuum of care. 

Find out the conditions that they specialize in so you know that your loved one will receive all of the resources they need at a moment’s notice. Being able to quickly address problems is one of the main benefits of memory care, and can save your loved one’s life in some situations. 

Study the Professionals They Staff

Consider the staff when learning how to choose a memory care facility. Study the background of the medical director, where they attended medical school, their philosophy of care, and how long they have practiced medicine. 

The doctors in the facility should have a background in treating patients who need memory care. Find out if they’ve ever experienced a review, suspension, or revocation of their license. 

A memory care center that is well-organized and structured at the top will be better able to treat your loved one’s conditions with compassion and a quality bedside manner. 

Ask Questions During a Tour

When you’re mulling the question, “How can I find memory care near me?”, a tour can provide all the answers that you need. 

A tour of the memory care facility will tell you plenty about how it’s run. Everything should be clean and impeccably organized. 

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients often deal with confusion, so a chaotic environment can make their conditions worse. Ask about on-site security, and make sure that strict access and visitation policies are observed. 

Come prepared with questions, such as what meals are offered, the ratio of patients to staff, how difficult situations are managed, and their policies on emergency contacts. 

Research the Price Options 

Memory care is an investment, so always get specific information about the prices. 

Assisted living facilities today cost $4,300 per month, on average. You have to tack on another $1,000-$4,000 for memory care facilities. 

Find out what health insurance they accept, and whether they also accept Medicare and Medicaid. You’ll need to choose a facility that offers credible expert care without breaking the bank. 

Where Are the Best Memory Care Facilities Near Me?

So, where are the best memory care facilities near me? The tips above serve as your starting point so that you can begin scouring the options in your city.

You can’t put a price tag on knowing your loved one is taken care of. When you’re weighing memory care vs nursing home, always opt to give your family member the experienced and skilled service that they need. 

Use this information to guide you, and check out our other articles related to health and medical care.