It is quite easy for an individual to trip or fall at an establishment, an amusement park, or some other place. When that happens, the individual will usually find it a good idea to talk to a lawyer or a law firm. This article will address some situations in which a person might very well need the expertise of a legal professional. Here are some things and facts that individuals need to consider to ensure that they get all they are entitled to.

The Need to Contact an Attorney 

A person may be walking through a turnstile in a grocery store, get tangled up in a loose divider, and trip down on the floor, breaking a kneecap. A customer might be getting out of the car to talk with the mechanic who is supposed to give the car an oil change and slip on some oil on the pavement. In both cases, the individuals might need to contact an injury attorney. Depending on the state or commonwealth the individual resides in, the circumstances around a personal injury lawsuit will be different.

Getting an Injury Attorney in Florida 

If an individual is going to pursue a slip and fall injury lawsuit in Florida, the statute of limitations is four years from the date of the slip and fall to file the case in a civil court. If the individual does not get the lawsuit filed during that four-year window, the case may not be heard at all and any opportunity to be awarded damages will also be gone. Getting a personal injury attorney in Florida should be done as quickly as possible after the accident or the incident occurs. There are other factors to consider also.

More About the Slip and Fall Lawsuit in Florida 

Another factor the injured party will need to consider is the comparative negligence rule which is not as harsh in Florida as in other states. In Florida, any percentage that the injured person is found to be at fault will be reduced when the person is awarded damages. For example, if the slip and fall victim is found to be 30 percent at fault, and $20,000 is awarded, the individual will only receive $14,000. A skillful attorney can help the slip and fall victim get all that he or she is entitled to.

Ensuring to Do Everything Properly to Get Awarded 

The lawyer and the client must work closely together to ensure the client is able to get the maximum amount of damages awarded. For example, for calculating wages lost because of the injury, the lost income must be properly documented to clearly show how the slip and fall accident is related to the loss of income. There is also the critical component of substantiating what would be referred to as “pain and suffering” for non-economic damages.

Final Information About Slip and Fall Accidents and Lawsuits 

The main things that must take place with a slip and fall accident are to accurately document everything relating to the accident and to do everything in a timely manner. The injured party has the responsibility to ensure that his or her attorney or law firm has all of the information necessary to wage an effective case. Winning the case will be easier when everything has been put in order concerning the slip and fall accident.