Hearing is a quintessential part of life for many people. They want to do what they can to protect and care for their ears so that they can continue to enjoy music, the sound of laughter, and natural ambiance throughout their lives. The following will explore a few common causes of hearing loss and some tips on how you can prevent them. Of course, every person is different, as is their lifestyle, so there might be risks to your hearing that are not included on this list. If you are particularly concerned or have noticed hearing loss that you can’t explain, you should reach out to a professional who specializes in ears and hearing.

Loud Noises

You were probably told to turn the TV down when you were a kid so that you didn’t damage your ears. While some adults exaggerate the impact that noise can have in order to earn themselves a few quiet moments in the chaos of parenting life, loud noises are something to be wary of. If you’re going to be dealing with extra loud sounds from construction, equipment, firearms, or other sources, be sure to wear appropriate protective gear to help keep your ears safe. 

Regular Testing

Like most things in life, the sooner you catch on to a change occurring, the more impact you can have on how quickly that change happens and how drastically. Getting regular testing of your ears can help you notice problems early and begin intervention. Take your time and find an ear specialist that you like and visit on a regular basis. A specialist will have a recommendation for how often is necessary based on your age and other factors.

Ear Wax Build Up

Depending on your heritage and the climate you live in, you might have to think about ear wax build-up. Sometimes all that’s required to hear better is a little professional ear wax removal. Particularly if the problem is severe, this is not something that should be done at home as damages can occur if this is done incorrectly.



Some people are more prone to ear infections than others are. If this is your sort of problem, you probably already know about it and the feeling of temporary hearing loss that can accompany it. If ear infections are not dealt with promptly, permanent damage can occur.

Ear Trauma

If your eardrum is perforated by any sort of trauma (hitting your head at the wrong angle, cleaning your ears out improperly, etc.), you can have temporary hearing loss. To prevent this, be careful and always wear protective gear when a task you’re doing requires it. Also, be extraordinarily gentle with your ears.

The above list should have made reference to some of the more common causes of hearing loss. Some produce temporary hearing loss, while others contribute to lifelong damage. Again, if you are experiencing hearing loss, reach out to a specialist. There might be something that you’re doing unknowingly that is contributing to the problem, and the sooner you find out what that is and stop, the sooner your hearing loss can be slowed, or in some cases, reversed.