If you found yourself making a cake pop this week, you are not alone. Baking has made a massive comeback in American life. The pandemic made #quarantinebaking a trending hashtag because baking is a comforting activity that can include multiple family members. It has therapeutic benefits and plenty of great tastes are the result. In fact, #stressbaking has been another popular hashtag.

Mental Health Benefits

Covid-19 brought the mental health benefits of baking into the mainstream. Psychologists acknowledge the tremendous benefits it offers by putting us into the present. Additionally, it pleasantly triggers our senses. Few things smell or taste better than tasty baked goods. Having something tangible to show for your work can create a feeling of accomplishment when we need to feel some control more than ever. That baking makes you take time out from a hectic schedule can boost your mental health.

Adding to Family Time

Baking has also become an excellent time for the family. Children gain valuable skills as it helps them practice math and science. They can experience a boost to their self-esteem when they see a finished product that they played a role in crafting. Tasting a cookie or cake they made can provide a sense of pride.

It also strengthens and creates family traditions, especially during the holiday season when baking cookies to share with neighbors or family can be an incredibly thoughtful acknowledgment. Most importantly, these traditions become something the whole family looks forward to because they are fun.

The pandemic not only brought baking into focus but has made it a part of family life once again. As so many things in our lives are forever changed due to Covid-19, baking seems to be here to stay. There is no doubt that baking is back.