The winter months may be gloomy for some, but it can be exciting if you are looking for more unique activities to do during these times. With the colder temperatures, it can actually be a good opportunity to explore different areas without having to worry about the heat. In particular, for all the RV camping lovers out there who are living in Arizona, this may be the perfect time for you to book your next trip to a nearby resort or campground. 

Indeed, Arizona is known for its spectacular RV resorts and campground experiences. If you are curious to know what the top Arizona RV camping destinations are, then read on! We will be summarizing the ten most popular sites for all you RV camping enthusiasts out there. And, when you’re done with this article, check out rent rv az for RV rental ideas!

1. Desert Shadows RV Resort

If you’re looking for a luxurious yet peaceful stay in the Northern part of Phoenix, then the Desert Shadows RV Resort may be perfect for you. They boast a grand total of 638 sites that are fully hooked up, and a huge amount of space for you. Also, Wi-Fi is available for rent if required.

They also have premium facilities and amenities for their guests, including an 18,000 square feet wide clubhouse as well as a pool building. If you are looking to have a family barbeque, you definitely won’t be disappointed by their multiple barbecue areas available. Also, for those who enjoy participating in activities, you will be pleased to know that they have many events organized based on your preference. From live music concerts to arts and crafts and sports classes, you definitely will not be bored.

2. Pioneer RV Resort  

Another popular RV resort located in Phoenix is the Pioneer RV resort. They also have a large 580 site offering which you can choose to rent either daily, weekly, or even monthly. They also provide many different facilities, such as having an indoor swimming pool, card and billiard room, and even a ball court to conduct sports activities.

Not only are they extremely conveniently located, just 5 minutes away from iconic spots like the Frank Lloyd Wright Academy, but they are also close to areas like Sedona and Flagstaff. If you’re keen to visit nearby areas like parks, casinos, and basketball training facilities, then the Pioneer RV resort will be the ideal location for you.

3. Pleasant Harbor RV

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller and more quaint area, then the  Pleasant Harbor RV may be one that catches your eye. They have 253 sites available that are fully hooked up and plenty of space for you to enjoy your time there.

Indulging in activities such as fishing and swimming, especially during these colder months should be something that you take advantage of, and Pleasant Harbor offers all of that. Alongside providing boat rentals, a nearby bar, and a grill, you’re sure in for a treat if you choose to stay at Pleasant Harbor RV.

4. Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort

If you’re worried about your RV not being able to be accommodated due to its uniqueness, or its unorthodox sizing, have no fear! Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort caters to a huge range and a wide variety of different RVs. They offer full hook-ups for any size rig, so you do not have to worry about any sizing issues. These sites are not only extremely accommodating, but they are also large, at 40 x 55. Even if you book a standard lot, they still provide you with your own private patio.

Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort also provides many different activities, such as a wide range of sporting courts, and many sporting activities. With the extensive number of activities they have at Pueblo, you never have to worry about being bored.

5. Desert’s Edge RV Village

For those looking for more family-focused resorts, the Desert’s Edge RV Village may be one that suits your fancy. As the name suggests, they have an incredible desert landscape and are located only ten minutes away from Scottsdale, and 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix.

They boast a multitude of facilities that are perfect for families, such as a heated hot tub and swimming pool, and all forms of dog-friendly areas, like a dog park and even a dog grooming station. With spacious recreation rooms and halls available, you are able to organize family gatherings or parties if you wish.

6. Destiny RV Resort

Another beautiful location will be at the Destiny RV Resort, where you can catch the most stunning sunsets alongside a desert landscape. With on-site security present, you definitely do not have to worry about any privacy issues. If this resort is calling out to you to book your stay here, it’s definitely wise to follow your destiny and fate and heed its calling.

7. Desert Vista RV Resort  

As its name suggests, Desert Vista RV Resort is definitely one for those who love the views in the desert. With the amazing sunsets and mountain landscapes, what’s not to love? For those looking for a relaxing time, Desert Vista provides a wide space for you to chill and play cards with a group of friends, and even a full kitchen for the late group meals.

8. Sonoran Desert RV Park

For the dog lovers out there, the Sonoran Desert will be the perfect spot for you. They boast a 4000 square feet Canine Corral for you and your dog, and a multitude of hiking trails available to take your dog out on that morning run.

9. Rock Shadows RV Resort 

The Rock Shadows is located at the bottom of the Superstition Mountains, and also provides convenient access to nearby popular areas for you to visit. Don’t forget to check out their wide range of facilities available at their site too!

10. Covered Wagon RV Park

Last but not least, for those looking to stay in the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Covered Wagon definitely has you covered! With its convenient location, it’s also perfect for families who want to stay in the city area.


Overall, Arizona is home to one of the most diverse RV resorts and campgrounds, so if you’re looking for a new experience, why not check some of these out?