If you have hooded eyes, your beautifully blended eyeshadows and liners will likely hide every time you open your eyes. This is because your lid surface area is less, making it look less developed. Hooded eyelids can be due to aging, although many people are born that way. 

It’s time to love your eyes because you can still rock with them with eye makeup that leaves you smokin’ hot. You only need to change your approach to makeup application by doing it differently. Avoid these common eye makeup mistakes for hooded eyes and you will never stop rocking. 

Don’t apply voluminous false lashes

Your hooded eyelids already look receded due to their fold that is slightly hung down. This is what makes your crease look hidden and the lid looks small. If you go for voluminous lashes, they will weigh down your lids, giving them a false shadow with too much drama. You can still add drama but with lashes with a well-distributed length. You can buy and book russian or classic lashes to make sure it looks natural and to avoid a sleepy look on your eyes.

Buy high-quality lashes for hooded eyes from Lilac St., Valour, Camara, Eyelure, Sweed or Mac. The high-quality lashes for hooded eyes from Lilac St. are uniquely made to brighten up the hooded eye. They perfectly fit under your eyelashes and you apply them with ease. Most of these false lashes are affordable and widely available. 

Lining up too thickly

The major temptation you might fall into is to add tons of lining in the hope that your hooded eyes will pop out. This will not be good luck for you because they will instead appear tiny or more hooded. The eyes will widely advertise that they were dressed improperly. 

Do the opposite and apply your line thinly. Practice your hands to hold the tool lightly without shaking to avoid too many spillovers beyond the line. Keep the line tight with a fine point liner pen. Your eyes will pop up and look awake the entire day. 

Applying eyeliner on the lower eyelid

It is better to leave the lower eyelid without liner. What draws attention most in your eyes is the upper eyelash line. There is no harm in working on the lower lid with eyeliner, but you will get better results if you focus more on the upper lid to give your eye a fuller look. 

The risk that comes with lining the lower lid is its potential to make the entire eye look droopy. If you still choose to line it, you might require more tricks to keep it awake. 

Forgetting to work on the brows

The shape of your hooded eyes is not forgiving to the eyebrows. Avoid ignoring them but style them the same way you will style your lids. Avoid dark colors that will make them look sunken. 

Put greater emphasis on the eyebrow bone using a lighter color. Sweep the brow with a light brush until you bring out the brow, making it well visible. If your brows are sparse, work more on them and turn them into a work of art. 

Not making the visible lid shimmery

When the hooded area of your eyelid wants to stay receded, don’t forget the visible area will save the day. Don’t hide it but make it visible with a shimmering eye shadow. If you want to enhance your eye look further, consider trying white contacts for a bold and striking appearance. Your friends will no longer focus on the hooded area but the visible area. 

Choose a color close to your skin tone but if you insist on a darker shade, let it not be more than twice darker than your skin color. Avoid accentuating the hooded appearance by applying too much shadow. A few coats will blend very well with the other parts of the eye. 

Applying shimmering shade to hooded areas

If you use a bright color on your brows or visible lid, don’t blend it with another bright color on the hooded area. Two bright colors will make the hood more pronounced and thus easily visible. 

Use a matte shade while choosing a shade that looks darker than your natural skin tone. Don’t be generous with the entire area but only apply around the V of the outer corner. A matte shade will help recede the hooded area to make it look less hooded.