Keeping dogs as a pet is fun and laborious at the same time. As much happiness and joy they bring to your home, they require an equal amount of care and a deep sense of responsibility. Dogs are sensitive creatures; they tend to get stressed when you are not around, overjoyed at the sight of you, and fall ill due to the tiniest of carelessness. In addition, dogs need dedicated dental care because their mouth can get affected easily. Hence oral hygiene is inevitable for your dog’s long and healthy life. Periodontal diseases start developing in dogs when they turn 3; they need regular checkups by competent veterinary dentistry

Photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

Here are some common reasons emphasizing the dogs’ dental care.

To Prevent Tooth Loss

Oral diseases affect gums and supporting structures around the dog’s teeth. If these parts get infected, the teeth lose their grip and fall out. Usually, plaque buildup is also responsible for such an outcome. Therefore, the dogs need regular checkups at the dentistry; the dentist can easily remove the plaque and treat the gum diseases to ensure oral health and teeth strength.  

To Prevent Halitosis or Bad Breath

Another sign of the dental disease is bad breath. If your dog’s breathing is making you squirm away from him, or his bark makes the air around stink, it’s time to pay a visit to the vet dentist. Bad breath is a harbinger of major diseases related to visceral organs. You can delay or prevent it by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth or paying regular vet visits. 

To Prevent Pain 

If your dog is moving away from his favorite food, only nibbling at it or refusing to eat or drink at all, it’s probably he has a throbbing mouth. Severe dental diseases can result in painful teeth or gums and prevent them from eating meals. Such situations call for a quick visit to the dentist, who can immediately start the treatment to prevent chronic pain and save your dog from suffering. 

To Prevent Organ Damage 

Plaque is the biggest enemy of your dog’s dental health. If it stays on the teeth for long, it converts into tarter over the gum line. Tarter is visible, and the dentist can easily get rid of it. Some dog owners may get deceived by the white teeth of their dogs and may not deem it necessary to get them checked up, but it can be deceiving; the tarter can make its way down the gum line and sit their building bacteria. These bacteria can then enter the blood and pass on to the vital organs. The process is called bacteremia, which can damage your dog’s organs to a great extent. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the good oral health of your dog for his healthy life. 

To Prevent Deteriorating Dental Health

Dental diseases in dogs are inevitable; they cannot be prevented forever since the signs start appearing at the age of 3. However, one can delay the diseases and control their severity by regular dental checkups and following a healthy oral routine. 

To prevent your furry friend from suffering anguish and bad health, you must set healthy eating and playing routine and get him regularly checked by an experienced vet.