Few ski resorts across the United States, and even fewer across the world,  can compare to the quality of Deer Valley Resort. If you plan to visit Deer Valley Ski Resort in Utah, or live close enough to make it your local ski resort (and happen to be an avid skier), then this article is for you! It will go over everything you need to know about the resort and surrounding area to enjoy a memorable stay.

Deer Valley Ski Resort has become a favorite among celebrities and people who enjoy high-quality ski vacations, famous for its upscale amenities, fine dining, and excellent skiing conditions. If you are thinking to stay at the resort for an extended period, consider the following:

On-Site Lodging

Deer Valley Resort has several options for on-site lodging, including luxury condos and chalets. Many ski resorts in the region (including Park City, Utah) offer their on-site accommodation.

While staying at Deer Valley, you can enjoy the privacy of your own lodging, as well as the high-quality amenities available on site. Some resorts (such as Park City, which is extremely popular) share their facilities with other guests and do not offer the same level of comfort and seclusion that you would find at Deer Valley.

If you are looking to book your trip to Deer Valley Resort, you can also look at their website here.

Views of Deer Valley Ski Resort

The views surrounding the ski resort are picturesque. During the winter months, it is not uncommon for people visiting Park City, Utah, during the ski season to plan their trips, so they have a chance to see the resort fully blanketed in snow.

Deer Valley Ski Resort is only 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), which means it is pretty accessible for people flying into Utah to enjoy a ski vacation. It’s also accessible via Amtrak but be warned that you need to take the bus or hire a car to get to the resort.

Deer Valley Ski Resort has three base areas, including The Estates at Deer Valley (which is near the Jordanelle Reservoir), The Canyon at Deer Valley (near Park City), and Snow Park (offered at the beginning of each ski season). These bases are separated by several mountains, which means you have a wide variety of views and experiences.

First-Class Skiing Conditions 

Many people who visit Deer Valley do so because it is well known for its excellent skiing conditions. The resort offers several facilities to help their customers enjoy the best possible experience on the mountain, including: 

Night Skiing

Deer Valley Resort is one of the only ski resorts in the country that offers night skiing, and it’s incredible! When staying at the resort, keep in mind that you will need to purchase a separate skiing pass if you plan to participate.

Snow-Making Machines

Skiing conditions can change minute by minute, and Deer Valley Ski Resort wants its guests to be able to ski in some of the best conditions available. That’s why they invest in snow-making machines that help preserve the quality of the runs while reducing wait times and improving overall skiing conditions.

Ski School

Deer Valley is known for having one of Utah’s best ski schools. They offer lessons for people of all levels and even provide after-ski school activities like yoga.

Deer Valley is well known for having some of the best skiing conditions globally (primarily due to their investment in snow-making machines), but it can be pretty pricey. When you’re thinking of staying at the mountain, consider purchasing a multi-day pass to help lower the price per day.

Ticket Prices at the Resort

The resort offers several different skiing passes, from single-day to multi-day options. Depending on the experience you are looking for, you can purchase a pass that will give you everything from access to night skiing to free ski school. 


Deer Valley is also one of the only ski resorts in the United States that allows snowmobiling! You can enjoy this activity during your visit or participate in a guided tour with some of the best guides available.

Dining Options 

When planning your trip to Deer Valley, consider taking time to enjoy their dining options. The best restaurants in Utah are located at this resort, and you can choose from everything from southwestern cuisine to Mediterranean dishes. 

Deer Valley also has several snack stops for those who want to take a break from skiing, including options like fresh bakery items and hot chocolate.

When is The Best Time to Visit Deer Valley Ski Resort? 

Deer Valley Ski Resort is open year-round, which means that you can find excellent skiing conditions nearly any time of the year. The best times to visit are typically just before and after the ski season if you are looking for discounted lift tickets.

The resort is open all year, and there are various options for those who want to enjoy the summer sun. If you plan on visiting during this season, consider taking advantage of tours like ATV rentals or off-road jeep treks.