San Francisco has a lot of things to offer. Because of its natural beauty, spectacular architecture, world-class gastronomy, and tech-driven job sector, it is one of the most sought-after locations in the United States. What’s the catch? The cost of rooms for rent in San Francisco has risen dramatically, making it unaffordable for anyone save the wealthiest of the wealthy.

Rooms for rent in San Francisco, real estate, and general living costs in San Francisco are among the highest in the world. When you consider the expanding homeless population and the rising crime rate, it’s no surprise that many people are opting for more suburban living in smaller, quieter communities, where life is a bit cheaper and less stressful. So, if you’re looking for rooms in San Francisco, these are the top suburban communities in and around the Bay Area.

  1. Bernal Heights 

Are you looking for houses for rent in San Francisco? Take a stroll through pedestrian Bernal Heights if you’re looking for a sunny area with countryside charm. While tourists come to see the panoramic vistas of Downtown San Francisco, East Bay, and Golden Gate Bridge, locals are lured in by the honeycomb community and buildings of Victorian architecture. As more software and financial companies relocate to the Bay Area, the cost of living continues to rise; yet, families may still find more inexpensive houses in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights than in adjacent Noe Valley.

  1. Outer Sunset

Outer Sunset is one of the nicest areas in San Francisco, bordered on the north by Golden Gate Park and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. While it is still a popular spot for surfers looking for a wave, this neighborhood is also home to artists and families. In addition, outer Sunset’s strong Asian-American community contributes to a broad array of local eateries and grocers. Houses for rent in San Francisco’s outer sunset area are relatively low since it offers a tranquil, suburban atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Another reason prices haven’t risen in recent years is the proximity to the water, which can result in many dark and foggy days. 

On the other hand, residents remark that the sun shines more than most people think. Families will like the brilliantly colored stucco duplexes and townhouses available for rent or purchase. Affordable housing, closeness to the seaside, access to excellent schools, and charming local eateries and coffee shops contribute to one of San Francisco’s safest neighborhoods being a top area!

  1. Oceanview

Check out Oceanview if you’re looking for a low-cost house in the Bay Area! Because of its hilly position, anyone wishing to relocate to a diversified area can find a wealth of futuristic track housing and spectacular vistas. Despite having higher homicide rates in the past, Oceanview has tried to become a social area and one of San Francisco’s safest neighborhoods.

Another advantage of living in Oceanview is the short commuting times! Locals are only ten minutes from great employment in the Financial District through the Balboa Park BART station and have easy access to places farther south like Daly City or San Jose via I-280. They are also close to Ocean Beach. Students looking for houses for rent in San Francisco near State University or City College of San Francisco can also find it here!

  1. Financial District

If you wish for skyscrapers and conveniently accessible high buildings, the Financial District is one of the most significant areas in the Bay Area. Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Levi Strauss & Company, and other companies have their headquarters here. You have a short commute to several high-paying positions. The rent here is also close to the city’s median. The Financial District’s proximity to Chinatown and the Embarcadero means there’s always something fresh to eat and drink, which is why it’s home to so many bachelors and young professionals. If you want to live in a somewhat secure and cheap neighborhood without having to relocate to the outskirts, this is one of San Francisco’s most fantastic neighborhoods.

  1. Excelsior

Excelsior, located on San Francisco’s south side, is a tranquil neighborhood where homeowners may give rooms for rent in San Francisco or purchase a single-family home for less than the city’s skyrocketing median rates. As cheap housing becomes increasingly difficult to obtain in other areas (and a new senior home complex is under construction), many people anticipate that additional stores and restaurants will open shortly.

Excelsior remains one of San Francisco’s most ethically diverse neighborhoods. Originally a hub for Italian immigration, the region has sizable Hispanic, Latino, and Asian-American communities. Despite its distance from the city, people may quickly get around without a car using the Balboa Park and Glen Park BART stations or Muni buses. Community is everything in this area, as it is in many others on the city’s fringes. By hosting concerts and bringing neighbors together to volunteer and beautify neighborhood hangouts, the Excelsior Action Group helps keep crime rates low and develops a strong community spirit.

  1. Bayview 

Bayview – Vistacion Valley is located in San Francisco’s southeast section on the bay. Flats in the Bayview – Vistacion Valley neighborhood are the cheapest on our list, with monthly rents averaging $2,377. Renters in this neighborhood like its pricing, which is 23% lower than the city’s average. Bayview – Vistacion Valley has a lot to offer. John McLaren Park is a 312-acre urban park where residents come to spend an afternoon on the golf course, lengthy walks on the trails, and a refreshing plunge in the pool. While the neighborhood has many contemporary conveniences, it also has some old ones. 

  1. Civic Center

This neighborhood is home to the city’s highest concentration of government offices, as well as some of the cheapest rent in the San Francisco region — who knew? Renters in Civic Center – Tenderloin are drawn to its central location near Union Station, public transit, and employment. Civic Center – Tenderloin rents for a median of $2,631 per month, 14% less than the city average.