Parents of toddlers may have no time fitting into their regular workouts once they have toddlers in tow. But do you know that you can still do some exercises at home with your young kids without leaving them?

Here are seven ways to sneak in exercise when you have young kids at home. 

1. Creep in a variation of movement

It may be hard to sneak into varieties of exercises, like a jumping-jack, when your baby crawls on your side. But you can creep in low-intensity exercises like the happy baby pose (yoga) while the kid plays around. 

You can also do other light exercises while doing the house chores without awakening the baby. For example, you can do squats while brushing your teeth, etc. After shopping with your kid, you can park the car a few meters away from home. Then, walk when going home while carrying the kid. Do not think that you have to sit down always because you are with your kid.

2. Get morning workouts

Latest studies have found that morning exercises are more coherent than those done later in the day. So, grab your exercise clothes and do a heavier exercise routine while the baby is still sleeping.

When the kid wakes up with you, do light exercises that do not require extensive movements. In this way, you remain in one place. Grab your yoga mat and do some poses as the puppy dog stretch, lizard poses, etc. These exercises will allow you to keep an eye on your toddler.

3. Dance with your kids

Dancing with your children will not only stretch out both your muscles and tendons. Catchy music will make them more active while creating a well-bonding atmosphere inside the household. 

4. Make a workout video that works for you

Even if you are too busy tending for your child, you can spare time when the baby is napping. There are a lot of free workout videos available online, like YouTube and DVD libraries. If you want a wide selection of DVD exercise videos: Amazon Prime offers a whole library of free workout footage for its members.

When going to Amazon Prime Video: you can find a series of workouts varying in length from five minutes to one hour. Pick a program as short as 20 minutes where you can do a lot of movements to stretch out those muscles. If the toddler is awake, you can do the workout with her.

You can also do a simple workout while carrying your child to make her sleep. Dance and sing a lullaby when the baby is ready to sleep.

5. Put money into a jogging stroller

A morning stroll in the park with your baby will make the child appreciates changes in sceneries. The kid will also enjoy the rhythm of movements brought about by the movement of the carrier. It will also help you maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat if you do it more frequently.

Utilizing a jogging stroller with your baby will give both of you a dash of fresh air. One of the best examples of a jogging stroller is the Baby Jogger 2 Mini Stroller. The stroller is suitable for your kid 1-month to 54-month old.

6. Utilize shorter exercises

You may not have the privilege of time whenever your toddler is awake and always on the move. But do not let limited times deprive you of the needed workout every day to keep you fit & healthy. Always find a way for shorter exercises that you can do once you have the opportunity.

You can do a 20-minute exercise here, a 10-minute drill there until you sweat and maintain an active day.

7. Go old-school with peek-a-boo

You do not need to go to the gym to keep fit while caring for a baby at home. You can play with your child while you stretch those muscles. For example, while your baby is on the couch, have push-ups on the floor and do a peek-a-boo with the baby as you rise.

You can also put the baby on the floor and do some push-ups while the kid is underneath. Make the simple workout a game with your child. When you make a push-up, the infant gets a kiss.


There are several ways to keep active and fit while caring for young children inside the house. Being a mom (or a dad) may put on hold your journey to the gym, but there are alternatives. The 7 ways to sneak in exercise when you have young kids at home give ideas not to be idle. You can vary this scheme with some innovations depending on your situation at home.