Fresh flowers emit so much beauty and symbolism! That is why natural blooms are often chosen to grace events and ceremonies. As for a marriage celebration, flowers can elevate the aesthetics of a venue to meet the wedding’s overall style, and they can also visually honor the special person that is really meaningful to you on this Big Day.

Here is a list of various floral options you may want to give to someone on the day when you decide to tie the knot. And remember: if you are invited to a wedding party but cannot visit it for whatever reason, you can always send flowers to San Francisco or any other place of the world to express your best wishes to the newlyweds. 


Flowers and arrangements can serve as gorgeous natural decorations for the wedding setting helping to create a festive atmosphere and complement the general style of a party. But flowers are also a desirable attribute for a bride as an amazing way to tell the story of your love. Bridesmaids are also often graced with lovely nosegays to show their happiness and support for their friend. Modern brides oftentimes prefer to have a separate tossing bouquet to throw into the crowd when they want to preserve the main bridal bouquet, yet without shifting away from the tradition. 

The market is brimming with all possible bridal bouquet designs, while creative florists are also always eager to craft a unique and personalized arrangement to convey the character and emotions of a bride. You should decide with your florist on the best bouquet style to complement your dress and the wedding theme. Popular designs of wedding bouquets include a cascade (waterfall), a posy, a hand-tied bouquet, a round bouquet, a nosegay, and a pomander bouquet. 

You can also leverage your wedding bouquet in a highly sentimental way if you want to honor a relative or a friend who has passed away. Some brides add some jewelry, small accessories, or tiny pictures (lockets) to their arrangements to venerate the memory of someone special who cannot be with them on this remarkable day. 

Hair Flowers

Depending on your hairstyle, adding a dash of natural glamour to your hair can significantly elevate your overall bridal look. You can wear a full-fledged flower crown or pin some lush greenery to your hair. Moreover, you may encourage your bridesmaids and flower girls to embellish their hair with some lovely flowers/foliage as well. The flower lady with a flower crown is always a showstopper – they just look like cute cherubs! Some classic flowers you can consider wearing on your head include lilies, magnolias, roses, and peonies, but you can expand this list with your own variants.


A corsage is a small bouquet worn on a dress or around the wrist to a formal occasion like a wedding ceremony. Corsages are among the main personal wedding flowers that truly highlight the person who wears them. The mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, all grandmothers, and all readers during your ceremony traditionally wear a corsage on the wrist or attached to their clothes. Some couples even decide to grace their officiant with a corsage as a token of their ultimate respect.


It’s no surprise that boutonnieres are one of the most forgotten accessories on a wedding day! Amid tons of arrangements and preparations, guys often forget to wear these arrangements. Make sure you choose one groomsman to check you are wearing your groom’s boutonniere. 

Boutonnieres will be the perfect complement to your nuptials day if they match the style, colors, and flower decorations of the occasion. People who traditionally wear a boutonniere include: the groom, grooms’ friends, the bride’s dad, the groom’s dad, the ring bearer, the usher, granddads, male readers, and you can even have one for your male officiant if you wish so. 

Petal Basket

A charming flower girl scattering lots of fresh petals is the ultimate attribute of any wedding occasion. Depending on her age, you may trust her with a basket full of petals as she will be sauntering the aisle. It’s hard to imagine a cuter picture than a pretty little thing in a flower crown creating a cloud of rose petals as she parades down the aisle. 

Floral Collars for Pets

Your furbaby means too much to you, so chances are you will be willing to invite your doggie or kitty to your wedding ceremony. If you want to incorporate your pet into your Big Day, you cannot go wrong if you decorate your precious animal with a floral collar. This is entirely optional because cats and dogs wearing lovely bow-ties look the same admirable. But if you opt for a floral collar, get ready to sweep everyone off their feet with the cuteness of your pet.