Sometimes a night out isn’t enough after a long week of taking care of your family. Your relationship with your partner is just as important as your relationship with your kids, so don’t let too much time go by before taking a trip for just the two of you. 

Rekindle the romance and enjoy time together away from your usual routine with these unique romantic getaway destinations. We guarantee there’s something unique and exciting in each of these beautiful states.

1) North Carolina

When exploring North Carolina’s natural beauty, consider staying at some of the best hotels in downtown Asheville. The state is famous for its secluded cabins within the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Aside from the gorgeous scenery to be found in the state, North Carolina is full of wineries just miles apart from each other. Visit in cooler months to enjoy the bountiful blooms and rich colors.

Take some time off with your partner and tour the countryside atmosphere while sampling the area’s local wine with Asheville Wine Tours.

2) West Virginia

If you’ve never been to West Virginia, save this trip for the winter. Known for its slopes, West Virginia is the perfect place to get away for a weekend ski trip

The Snowshoe mountains are a popular place for both beginner and veteran skiers. It’s a great opportunity for you and your partner to test your skills and enjoy the scenery as you enjoy the winter sport. 

Afterward, you can bundle up in the lodge with cozy blankets and warm drinks, laughing about the mishaps on the slopes.

3) Maine

Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights? Head up to Maine in the winter months for that wonderful, romantic opportunity. You and your partner can spend the day enjoying each other’s company by a beautiful lake while waiting until the early hours of the morning for the natural light display to begin.

We recommend researching the forecast beforehand, so you’ll know when the best time to see the lights is.

Cucumber Falls, PA

4) Pennsylvania

If either of you is a history buff, Pennsylvania is the place for you. The Constitutional walking tour is a great way to get around Philadelphia and see some of the most historical and well-preserved aspects in America. 

You can pick and choose what locations to visit on the self-guided tour or follow the map to see everything on the tour. 

5) Vermont

All year round, weather permitting, you and your partner can take a carriage ride around the beautiful state of Vermont. If you’re feeling festive, sleigh rides are also available! While you’re there, stop by Laughing Moon Chocolates for a sweet treat you won’t forget. Save time to visit the Bennington outlets for deals on retailers like J. Crew and Ralph Lauren. 

6) Maryland

Maryland will bring many exciting opportunities for you and your partner to enjoy time together. Tour the state on an unforgettable romantic cruise, or take an adventure in the skies for a hot air balloon ride. Walk along the Baltimore waterfront promenade as the sun dips below the horizon to savor the delicious atmosphere of the city. 

The state is also close to Washington D.C., which hosts plenty of historical attractions, museums, restaurants, and nightlife. 

Final Thoughts

You deserve to take a break now and then, and so does your partner. Take them on a romantic adventure you won’t forget as you get away from your routine and refresh as a couple. 

If you’re in the mood to see nature, explore small towns, and experience local culture, we can’t recommend each of these destinations enough. Start planning your couple’s retreat now so you have an exciting weekend to look forward to all year.