All learners strive to achieve their academic goals, and many hire private tutors to help with difficult subjects. Private tutoring comes come handy when preparing for exams or having issues with certain subjects. As a private tutor, you’re tasked with improving the learning abilities of your learners. Nowadays, most students prefer online virtual classes, and there are multiple ways to effectively use technology as a private tutor.

 How will private lessons benefit my students?

 Private tutors benefit learners in many ways. With private tutoring lessons, learners can choose a tutor to suit their preferences and personality. This is different from group lessons, whereby you’re stuck with one instructor even when you don’t enjoy their way of teaching. 

Again, private tutoring is associated with minimal distractions. In a class or group setting, you expect some distractions from other learners, which affect a learner’s attention. But, Burlingame tutoring customizes the lessons to fit a learner’s needs, and it’s easy to grasp the learning materials since there are minimal distractions. 

What’s more, private lessons are customized to fit students’ needs. It’s easy to tackle complex subjects during private tutoring lessons than in a group class setting. The tutor dedicates all the effort to the learner, making it easy to understand what’s being taught.

As a private tutor, you can focus on specific topics and give a lot of attention to the student. Also, it’s easy to catch up with the leaner, in case they missed key points.

How can I effectively use technology as a private tutor?

 Technology for tutors is a great enabler if used effectively. You can use it to make your lessons more negating and fun, and there are various tech devices to try out. Here are tips for using technology as a private instructor;

1. Use 3D videos to make your classes more interactive.

This is perhaps the most relevant technology that you can use. 

Use it to make your classes more interactive by employing different teaching tactics. For instance, use video lectures to make the sessions more engaging. Also, use animated videos to explain concepts requiring visualization. Try quizzing apps and puzzles to make the lessons lively. 

 2. Use technology to assess& Track performance.

Assessing private learners helps you gauge their level of understanding. Luckily, there a various assessment tools that you can use. For instance, you can use certain websites to curate interesting question papers. 

Also, you can ask learners to take tests online using their devices. Tacking a learner’s performance is easy with technology, and you can even use graphs to show a student’s progress.

3. Communicate effectively using technology

 Technology makes it easy to communicate with learners at all times. It eliminates all communication barriers, and you can use social media to connect with learners from all parts of the globe. For instance, use messaging services to inform learners of changes in the study schedule. Also, schedule automatic emails to notify guardians of a learner’s performance and progress.

In summary, technology makes it easy for private learners to share ideas and interact more with learners. As a private tutor, use different tech devices to enhance your teaching skills and make lessons more fun and engaging.