When you think about The Big Apple, perhaps one of the first things that come to mind is the concrete jungle. Although once you’re in New York, it’s like you’re transported to a different world filled with buildings and skyscrapers. This will welcome you with its bright lights and busy streets. You’ll be enveloped by the perfect mix of nature and the city. There’s also a charming mix of old town vibe and modern buildings, offering something for every member of your family.

If you’re planning a visit to New York City (NYC) soon, you’ll be glad to know the transportation to and from this state is quite varied. It’s an accessible town that comes with quite a range of transportation options, like the Baltimore to NYC bus. This makes it even more attractive to many travelers, both from near and far. 

You may want to consider staying in NYC for a while so that you can enjoy all of the sights. Otherwise, you might find yourself rushing to fit in different attractions. By staying in the best Extended Stay hotel, it allows you to have plenty of amenities of home while exploring the city, without a tight time frame to think about! 

Read below and use this article as your NYC bucket list when traveling with the entire family.

  1. Luna Park, Coney Island

Luna Park gives you that traditional all-American carnival feels. It’s a far cry away from the usual, big-name amusement parks. On one side you’ve got rides and food to enjoy and on another, you have a beautiful view of the sea. 

Even if you’re not one to enjoy going on rides, there’s still so much to enjoy in Luna Park. Try your hand at carnival games where you might just win a prize or two for the kids. When you’re hungry, you can go for a walk on the boardwalk and enjoy some hotdogs. Thus, the experience itself is one for the entire family to enjoy.

  1. Watkins Glen State Park

If you’re headed upstate, the Watkins Glen State Park is a must-go. However, if you’re going during the summertime in New York, you have to be ready to bump shoulders with busloads of tourists. Although, there’s good reason for this flock.

When you walk around the park, you’re going to be welcomed to a sight of 19 waterfalls, free-flowing from cliffs as high as 200ft. Make sure to see the Rainbow Falls as it’s one of the most iconic waterfalls. It’s aptly named as the water itself could have the colors of the rainbow at a certain time of the day.  This could provide a much relaxing and refreshing sight, especially for the adults.

  1. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Whether you love flowers or not, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is another splendor to marvel at. If you go during the holiday season, you can walk through the lights display at night which is a sight in itself. During spring, the flowers throughout the day are at their best.

The kids will enjoy waving to ducks and turtles at the Japanese Garden’s Pond. In the Discovery Garden, you’ll get to learn about some native plants and insects. When you go through the Cherry Esplanade, you can run through a parade of hundreds of pink petals.

  1. American Museum Of Natural History

Whatever your interest in a museum is, the American Museum of Natural History is always going to be a good choice for you to visit. There’s so much in the exhibit that can spark your interest without giving off that boring feeling you may think you’ll be stuck within a museum.

For kids, the animal exhibit is vast enough to keep their eyes glued. Even adults are going to be in awe with three-dimensional and ultra-high-definition 5D exhibits, perhaps with a vast range of animals in the past.

  1. Hanford Mills Museum

If you have young kids and even grandparents on this family trip, a visit to the Hanford Mills Museum is something your family will enjoy. For the younger kids, it’ll be so hard for them to imagine a world before modern-day gadgets existed. For the older generation, it’s like taking them back to their younger years when the technology then was still simple. 

A visit here means a way to imagine the older days where equipment was mostly powered by gas, water, and steam. In the Hanford Mills Museum, you’ll get to playfully and interactively learn about the engineering of the past.


New York is mostly known as the city that never sleeps. It may seem like one that’s most attractive to young adults as travelers. However, it’s just as good of a travel destination for families.  There’s so much more to see once you’re there. Let this guide be your starting point. Now you can finally get started with planning that family trip to the Big Apple.