My kids enjoy ice skating, and we usually end up going in the wintertime, especially over the Christmas break. I heard that there was a new Flight on Ice skating venue in Schenectady, so we decided to check it out.

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I pre-purchased my tickets online at Flight on Ice, including a skate rental. You also have to fill out a waiver before you go. Skating was $12pp and rentals are $10pp.

Google Maps didn’t do the best job getting me to the ice rink when I typed in “1 Harborside Drive”, and put me at the Casino, but now the pin seems to be correct.

Traveling on Erie Boulevard by Rivers Casino, make sure you look for the Mohawk Harbor sign where the apartments are, North of the casino and hotel.

We parked near the rink, as there was a lot nearby.

There is a clearly marked entrance area.

You check in at the ticket counter. I brought printouts of the tickets for a quick check-in.

We then headed to the skate rental desk, where we picked up our skates.

There are rubber mats from the tent to the skating rink, so you can go back and forth.

I do wish there were some areas to warm up outside, since there was a fire pit, but it wasn’t in use. Our friends went after dark and the fire pit was being used, so it is possible it is just kept lit at night.

The rink was not huge, but also and not too crowded. The ice was a little rough, and we didn’t see the Zamboni in use, although we were only there about an hour. It was also not particularly cold (low 40’s), but the ice was solid (no melted spots).

Inside the tent, there are heaters, which is nice for getting warmed up.

There are also picnic tables, games, and a concession stand.

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