As a parent, you want the best for your child. When your child is sick, you’ll need to take your child to the doctor. You’ll need a pediatrician.

What if you don’t have a pediatrician? Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. The pediatrician you choose will be responsible for your child’s health and well-being.

You must know how to choose a pediatrician. There are several factors to consider. Read on to learn about 7 things you must consider when looking for a new pediatrician. 

1. Get a Referral for a Pediatrician 

Let’s say you’re a new parent or are moving to a new city. You’ll need to find a pediatrician for your child. With so many pediatricians to choose from, it can be hard trying to find the best one. 

You can start your search for one by getting a referral. It’s a good idea to ask your family and friends.

They’re a great source. They can give you honest feedback about a pediatrician. One of your friends who have children can help point you in the right direction. 

If you’re new to the area, you can ask your former child’s pediatrician for a referral. You can even ask your own doctor for a referral. Your doctor might know colleagues who care for children. 

As the parent of a newborn, it’s a good idea to ask your OB-GYN for a recommendation. Who better than your OB-GYN to help you through this process? 

Once you narrow down the list of pediatricians, you can do your own research. Find out if the pediatricians accept your health insurance. Make sure the pediatrician you plan on choosing is accepting new patients. 

2. Go Over Pediatrician’s Reviews

To go along with a referral, you should also go over the pediatrician’s reviews. Reading parents’ reviews of the pediatrician can give you greater insight. 

You want to know everything you can about the pediatrician. This includes experience with scheduling appointments and wait times. You also want to know how the office environment is and if the staff is friendly. 

3. Research the Pediatrician’s Credentials

You have to try to learn as much as possible about the pediatrician you’re considering for your child. It’s important to know about a pediatrician’s training and experience. 

All pediatricians must have a medical degree. They must also have completed a residency program and have a license to practice. 

Make sure the pediatrician you choose is board certified. Not all pediatricians are board certified. 

Why should I choose a board certified pediatrician you ask? A pediatrician who’s board certified demonstrates competency in several areas. These include patient care, communication, and professionalism. 

4. How Does Their Practice Operate

You want to know how the pediatrician’s practice operates. Choosing a doctor’s office that aligns with your needs is important. 

Find out if the doctor’s practice allows same-day or last-minute appointments. Determine if the office hours are convenient for your schedule.

Are you a parent that works during the day? It might be better to choose a pediatrician who offers evening hours. You might want to consider choosing a pediatrician who offers weekend hours as well. 

Ask if it’s a group practice. This might influence your decision. In a group practice, your child might not always be seen by the same doctor. 

5. Is the Office Location Convenient

It’s all about accessibility and convenience. As you narrow down your list of potential pediatricians, consider the office’s location.

It’s ideal to choose a pediatrician who’s close to your home. It shouldn’t be too far from your workplace or your child’s daycare or school. 

If you don’t own a car, it’s best to choose a pediatrician who has an office near you. You’ll want to be able to go to the pediatrician’s office by public transportation. 

Some pediatricians have multiple offices throughout the city. Ask if this is the case so you know where the other office locations are. 

6. Is the Pediatrician Available and Easy To Reach

If you’re switching doctors, you want to know if your child’s pediatrician is easy to reach. Convenient communication is a must. It can help to contribute to positive outcomes. 

Some pediatricians offer parents the ability to use an online patient portal. Through an online patient portal, parents can email their child’s pediatrician. They can also use this portal to schedule appointments and review lab results. 

It’s helpful to know if the pediatrician has a reliable office staff. If you can’t get in touch with the pediatrician, you can leave a message with the office staff. You’ll want to make sure the staff passes on the message to the doctor. 

7. How Was the First Visit

The first visit to the office can help you determine if the pediatrician is right for your child. It’s important to choose the one you feel comfortable with. This can promote communication. 

Observe how the pediatrician interacts with your child. Does the pediatrician seem to have a genuine interest in your child?

If you or your child don’t feel comfortable with the pediatrician, it’s a sign. Use your intuition. It means you should keep searching for the right one. 

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Use This Guide To Learn How To Choose a Pediatrician

Do you need to find a new pediatrician for your child? You must find the right one. Healthy kids have an experienced and trained pediatrician.

This guide shows you how to choose a pediatrician. Consider these seven factors when looking for one. 

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