The glass shoe you lost could very well be returned by a prince. The stranger holding the elevator door open may be your soulmate. There is still hope for the idealized ‘love at first sight’ moment. Though times are changing, it may be a case of ‘love at first swipe’ instead. With the abundance of dating platforms available, it is only just that we try our hand at the idea of an online fairytale. 

Romantic Date Couple

So when you apply these advice on how to be a good online dater, make sure to wear your heart on your sleeve. And there are many dating websites dedicated to particular religions, like a christian dating site, for individuals who are expressly looking for a spouse with similar religious values.

Choosing the correct online dating site

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to online dating with every niche and interest catered to. Not to mention that you can even specify a potential mate’s age, race, religion or gender. Examples range from Christian dating sites to Asian dating sites, Vegan only platforms, and many more. When choosing the right site, decide on the category that interests you. Also, consider what type of connection you would like to have: serious, casual or experimental.  Some online dating platforms focus on casual connections, such as websites for one-night stands, while others are geared towards finding long-term partners. So make sure to thoroughly research any dating site before signing up and consider using a reputable dating app or website specifically for your preferences.

At some dating websites you can take a personality test and connect with those who gave similar answers. Otherwise, you may lean towards choosing a partner based on physical attributes. If these options don’t seem right, you may prefer a site that offers little prompters helping to get you started. Still unsure of where to look? Check out this fantastic cross reference chart by Love Assist, compiling the top dating sites and the groups they adhere to! 

Profile tips and tricks

When creating a dating profile, there are some tips to follow. Always make sure to use an actual picture of yourself. Ideally, one that is up-to-date and candid. Studies have shown that those who smile are deemed more approachable. So, perhaps exchange a pouting selfie for a friendly grin.

It is also a fantastic idea to ask a friend for help in writing your profile description. Often your friends and the family will portray you in a much better light than you would yourself.

What to expect 

Online dating can seem daunting but go in with an open mind and a lot of enthusiasm. You will be sure to succeed in finding that special someone. Online dating portrays only a snippet of someone’s life and indeed the one they have chosen to show. So be aware that these people have so much more to offer, going hand-in-hand with the idea that those who spend time investing in their profile will invest time in you.

Problems that may arise and how to deal with them 

If you are new to online dating or perhaps are now deciding to take these platforms more seriously, you may find that you are overwhelmed by choice. Match with intention – only pair up with people you want to talk to.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for profiles that may not seem to be legit. Dating apps and websites are doing their best to verify accounts. Though unfortunately, some slip under the radar. Make sure to be as streetwise as you are in real life, especially if you have doubts or suspicions.

How to Find Your Happy Ending

It is important to remember that people use online dating sites for a variety of different reasons. Some want a casual fling, but many have a long-term goal in mind. If you are searching for a serious companion, optimism is vital. Speak to a variety of different people. You may surprise yourself with whom you form a connection. 

Online dating is a learning curve. Though, no matter how tech-savvy you may be, your perfect match is just a touch away. You might have to endure the occasional ghosted message, but that is just a small price to pay if you succeed in online dating and find the one!