Losing weight and becoming healthy can be a really difficult process, and it can be made easier by knowing a few hacks. For example, did you know that adequate supplement intake can actually ease out the whole path, and it can cut down the time you need to reach your desired weight? Then again, your primary goal should be to become a healthier version of yourself, no matter what the scale shows. 

So, back to the supplements. Vitamins are the most important ones, and while we’re on a diet, we somehow forget all about them. They can actually be crucial for weight loss and keeping our bodies healthy. Vitamins come in a variety of forms lately, so you don’t have to worry about swallowing huge, hard pills. You can buy water-soluble tablets, liquid vitamins, or if you forget easily, you can purchase a vitamin patch that will do all the work without you even trying. 

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Supplements you should take on your weight loss journey

L carnitine 

It is one of the most popular supplements that both fitness junkies and weight loss fighters swear by. Once you get to know all the benefits that come from it, you’ll love it too, and before you know it, you’ll be purchasing it. L-carnitine actually speeds up our metabolism and it makes losing weight a lot easier. 

Also, by speeding things up, it will give us plenty of energy to get us throughout the day. One of the most popular versions of L carnitine is the l carnitine coffee weight loss supplement, which is way healthier than coffee, smells, and tastes exactly the same, and you’ll be cutting back on calories with it. 

B complex 

The most important group of vitamins is the B group. It is a combination of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, and for the weight loss journey, the most important of them all is B12. If you went through weight loss surgery, vitamins from this group help you feed your brain and nerves and relax you. They will make the whole operation and recovery period a lot easier. 

Also, those vitamins are great to be taken daily with no such a big reason as this one. They can be found in a variety of foods, but if we have certain food intolerances, our bodies might lack them. So, to prevent a deficiency from happening you need to take the right amount. 


Magnesium is one of our biggest friends when it comes to weight loss. While it doesn’t help us directly, it helps us indirectly by nourishing our muscles. Healthy weight loss is all about healthy food, supplements, and exercise, and if we have a bit of extra weight on us, exercises will take their toll. So, magnesium actually prevents our muscles from aching after a workout session, and it makes the recovery time a lot faster.

The same goes for calcium. Exercises also take a toll on our bones and joints, especially our knees and ankles. Even fit people can sometimes feel exhausted after a workout and feel like their bones are aching. To prevent this from happening, you should take both magnesium and calcium, and you’ll see the difference almost immediately. 

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Vitamin D

Studies have shown that vitamin D is deeply connected to weight loss. We won’t bother you with any scientific reasons behind it, but we will tell you this- even if you don’t lose weight solely from getting enough vitamin D, you’ll certainly lose some of it by walking on a sunny day. Vitamin D is basically a free vitamin that our body produces by standing in the sun. all you need to do is go out, take a walk, or even sit on a bench while being exposed to the sun, and let your body do the rest.

Green tea 

We’ve been hearing about it for ages. Green tea comes with tons of benefits, and it is a really strong antioxidant that helps our bodies flush out any toxins left behind. Losing weight by it it’s also proven, and it works in the following way: by consuming green tea in the morning, you’re basically swapping the morning coffee that you usually pack with coffee creamer, sugar, and whipped cream… 

Also, you’ll be feeling the urge to go to the bathroom more often, which will lead to reducing water weight. In the first week, you’ll notice that you’ve lost around 2 pounds, but don’t get excited just yet. The real results will come after a month of following a healthy, well-balanced diet, exercise, and some green tea here and there. Green tea also gives you plenty of energy and it contains caffeine, so avoid using it late at night.