Did you know that almost half of Americans are strongly considering making the switch to solar power?

Not only can you do your part to protect the environment, but you can also save tons of money in the long run by gaining energy independence. With tons of competitive loans to offset the initial investment, going green has never been easier.

If you’ve decided to get a residential solar system, then the next step is to find the right company to install it for you. Keep reading for 5 tips that will make picking solar contractors a breeze.

1. Your Solar System Budget

The cost of installing solar panels shouldn’t vary too much from company to company, but it’s still a good idea to get a handful of free estimates so you know all your options. If any of these offers seem too high or low, then you can move forward with a different business to minimize your risk.

Once you’ve done your research on the general solar expenses, you can set a budget that you feel comfortable paying and find companies that stick within your limits.

2. Solar Installation Experience

Since solar power is a big investment for the average homeowner, it’s understandable why you’d only want to work with the best solar company. The key to ensuring stellar results is to look for businesses that have been around for years.

Longevity in this industry is proof that a company has been providing amazing solar panel designs, installations, and maintenance to lots of happy customers.

3. Positive Reputation

Another step you can take in order to give yourself peace of mind is to read online reviews for your top contenders. If you notice that a business has built a solid reputation either on a national scale or within your community, then you know you’ve found a great fit.

If anyone you know has gotten solar panels for their home recently, then you can also ask them about their experiences and if they’d recommend the company.

4. Proof of License and Insurance

Working on roofs is a dangerous business, so you should never hire a contractor that can’t show proof of insurance and a license. These documents show that a worker has the proper education and experience to get the job done well and safely.

5. Warranties

While you shouldn’t worry about anything going wrong with the installation, it’s always comforting to know that you have a warranty just in case. Since solar panels are expensive, a warranty will preserve your investment for years to come.

Picking Solar Contractors Doesn’t Have to Be a Difficult Process

Going solar is one of the best things you can do for your long-term finances and the earth. By following this guide, picking solar contractors can be simple and rewarding.

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