The ornamental tattoo style consists of the placement of ornaments to embellish something through decorative details. The objective is to bring beauty to what is decorated and to show its purpose and its aesthetic. However, it can be received in different ways, since it appeals to people’s subjectivity, and what is beautiful for one can be horrible for another. Tattoo removal can also be part of your consideration when getting a tattoo especially when an artist did not do a good job on your body art. Check out more details on how much does tattoo removal cost and the procedures to go through it.   

The Styles

An ornamental tattoo style style defines the decorative and architectural styles used in each case. The baroque style is characterized by excessive ornamentation and on the contrary, the minimalist style is based on the absence of ornamentation. Among them, there is a wide range of styles that can be applied to the world of tattoos. One of the styles that stand out precisely for its ornamentation is the arabesque. It is characterized by the use of geometric shapes and animal or plant motifs. The Egyptians already used this style in their decoration.

In our house, in our clothing, in religion, and even in music, we can find decorative elements that are not necessary for the whole or for harmony, but that are used to beautify. There are people adorn their bodies with tattoos full of details, designs that attract attention for their difference and sensuality.

Combined Features

Ornamental tattoos are those with a geometric or abstract style. They are styles that result from mixing other styles. For this reason, we can find ornamental tattoos made with dotwork aesthetics. Geometric patterns, mandalas, frets, flowers, and Maori designs are very appropriate designs for ornamentation. As you are brainstorming a tattoo idea, use tools such as an AI Tattoo maker to help you explore and refine your design; this will make it much easier when it comes to communicating your vision to your artist.

The Located Area

People who choose to get geometric or ornamental tattoos tend to have a preference for some specific areas of the body:

  • Hands, arms, and feet – inspired by the traditional henna mehndi tattoo, as worn by Hindu brides
  • Chest, belly, and under-boob: half mandalas (crescent mandalas) are applied that decorate these suggestive areas
  • Behind the ear, head, and neck: more hidden areas that allow more minimalist and discreet designs
  • Hips, thighs, and buttocks: one more reinvention of the ornamental tattoo to provide an extra sensuality

The places indicated for this tattoo is very varied. If you want a great design, the back is the right place, or the shoulders or neckline. However, the legs also admit smaller and elongated designs. Even so, personal taste is what helps most people to decide, On the arms and wrists or under the chest, you can make beautiful designs.

Symbolizing Elegance

Dark colors are the most suitable for this type of tattoo, as they are very elegant. They can also be decorated in color, as a complement to the dark color and in fact, they are also very elegant and attractive. Animal designs in ornamental style are very attractive due to their rich decoration, filling all parts of their silhouette or face with geometric elements with curved lines.

This style has developed in the last two decades and for each person, it can express a different meaning, although many of the bearers of this style express admiration and respect for nature and their commitment to preserving the diversity of flora and fauna. They are very elegant.


Getting an ornamental tattoo style does not mean that you have to settle for any style. You can create your own style from a cultural perspective, or you can choose one that has been popular over the years. Let your tattoo artist help you make the choice.