For many people, the thought of meal preparation is enough to make them run in the other direction. It can be time-consuming and cumbersome and not exactly exciting. When you look at meal preparation as a negative it will suck all the joy out of cooking. So, why not change your attitude and the way you view cooking and find ways to inject some fun into meal preparation? These simple tips could end up being essential in your cooking routine.

Do You Have the Kitchen Tools and Small Appliances Needed?

Did you know that every good chef tends to have a well-stocked kitchen when it comes to important tools and small appliances? Certain items make quick and easy work of meal preparation, and can even make it a bit fun. But what are the essential tools and small appliances you need? Here’s a great list to get started with:

  • A high-quality set of knives and a couple of cutting boards (you don’t want to use the same cutting boards for raw meat as your produce)
  • A set of mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups (both dry and wet ingredient options) and measuring spoons
  • A good quality set of pots and at least 2-3 different sized skillets/frying pans
  • One stockpot (excellent for stews, soups, sauces, pasta and more)
  • A digital meat thermometer
  • Stand mixer
  • Hand mixer
  • Food processor
  • Good quality bakeware (pizza pan, baking pan, baking dish and a roasting pan)
  • Electric kettle
  • Blender
  • Slow cooker

With these essentials, you’re going to be able to tackle everything from quick and simple dishes to more elaborate and advanced meals.

Don’t Feel You Need to Do It All Yourself

If you live with a significant other and/or kids then there is no need to feel like you are in this on your own. It’s important to ask for help and get everyone involved. This will not only speed up the process, but it can add fun to meal preparation as it turns it into a social activity.

Embrace Tech Tools for Meal Planning

Are you the type that gets home after a busy day at work only to stare at the fridge and cupboards trying to come up with a recipe/meal idea? You aren’t alone, as this is one of the most common complaints people have, and it’s why so many end up getting takeout instead. So, why not embrace technology to help you with meal planning, like this meal planner app?

These kinds of tools can offer all kinds of conveniences such as simple and easy to follow recipes, recipe inspiration, and ideas for quick meals. You may even able to order meals straight from the app depending on the service and set up home delivery. You’ll also have the ability to plan out your meals days or even weeks in advance. You may even want to just use these types of tools for your busy days, such as particular days of the week where you know meal preparation and cooking will be especially difficult.

Try Different Flavors and Cuisines

The final tip is to step outside your comfort zone of what you know and love and try some different flavor pairings and cuisines. This will spice up your meals, make them more interesting, give you something to look forward to and potentially help you to find some new favorites.

Each of these tips will make it possible to transform the way you think about meal preparation, allowing you to see it as a fun, creative and engaging activity that can be enjoyed on your own or with others.