The foods we eat daily can come in an assortment of flavours and delicacies. Often, we consume meals that are palatable to our taste buds. However, recent studies have shown that the move to being more conscious of our foods is becoming apparent. Healthy food, on the flip side, can still be a drag to consume.

Whether you are feeding your kid who is a picky eater or do not like the taste of healthy foods in general, you are in luck. Eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be an issue for the most part. That is because there are many meals that can be prepared to account for anyone’s tastebuds. Even if you don’t like to cook, you can use prepared meal delivery services like Meels. These services will deliver delicious meals straight to your doorstep.

Here are seven delicious and healthy meals for picky eaters:

1. Veggie Turkey Meatballs 

As the age-old adage goes, you should always eat your vegetables. Parents who are trying to get this ingrained in their children’s heads may sometimes encounter some obstacles. Vegetables are not as convincing as other food sources to eat daily due to their natural taste. That is why you should mix them with other food sources, to make a delicious meal.

Turkey meatballs are an excellent way to both hide the vegetables and present an edible meal. Simply take your favourite veggies, grind them up to tiny pieces, and mix them in with the ground turkey. Serve the meatballs with some whole grain pasta, and your kid will be sure to eat it up without issue!

2. PB&J Oats 

Oatmeal is, for the most part, an incredibly healthy meal to consume on a regular basis. The oats are an essential carbohydrate, which is sure to vitalize your body for the entire day. Unfortunately, oats can be somewhat of a drag to eat since they aren’t as tasty to consume each day.

This would be the perfect time to not only amplify its taste, but keep it as healthy as possible as well. Take some peanut butter and a small amount of your favourite jelly and mix it in with your oats. Leave it to stand overnight, and, by the morning, your overnight oats will taste just like your favourite PB&J sandwich.

3. Burger Wraps 

As far as comfort food goes, nothing generally beats a good burger. The burger is a scrumptious combination of meat protein, crispy vegetables, and delectable sauces. Sometimes, however, these meals aren’t as healthy to consume, especially if eaten on a daily basis. Thankfully, you can upgrade this meal to something much healthier.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste if you or someone else eating the burger is a picky burger. Save the buns for later, and place your ingredients in a whole grain wrap. Don’t go too far overboard with sauces and stick to just using a couple. The result will be just as tasty, with no unnecessary calories to go around!

4. Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

As mentioned previously, vegetables are often tricky to consume, especially when feeding picky eaters. Pizza is one of those meals that can be the best options. That is because it comes down to secretly adjusting the pizza’s composition.

For the crust and the body of the pizza, wholegrain dough will be the best ingredient to choose. Then, ensure you use as many veggies as possible to upgrade the meal’s taste. Place it into the oven, bake it accordingly, and you will have an incredibly healthy meal to boot!

5. Smoothies 

Healthy meals don’t always have to come in the form of one of your daily meals. Desserts can be just as fantastic to consume without sacrificing quality or taste factor. Smoothies will be the way to go. Add in your favourite fruits to your blender at the onset. Put some Greek yogurt, almond milk, and other toppings and blend it all up!

6. Tomato Soup 

This is one of those classic meals that can easily be modified to account for anyone’s taste buds. When creating tomato soup, make sure that you use only tomato puree for the base. This will keep the finished product as healthy as possible.

7. Banana Pancakes 

An excellent way to kickstart your day with a balanced breakfast comes via wholegrain banana pancakes. The batter itself can be made using a banana as the base. It is extremely simple! Create your batter as you see fit, and, in no time at all, you’ll have a delectable breakfast to consume.

Picky eaters can sometimes be convinced into eating foods that are good for them if prepared correctly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your ingredients as a result. By doing this, your meals will be as balanced as they can be healthy to consume!