I love getting into the spirit of the holidays, and with colder weather here, it is nice to have a hot cup of tea by my side during the day. I drink a lot of tea, and it is fun to try out different teas and products. I have been a fan of Adagio Teas for years, and they have a lot of great holiday items, from gifts to seasonal teas.

Adagio Tea Advent Calendar

The Adagio 2021 Tea Advent Calendar is such a fun way to celebrate the holidays. The holiday season can honestly be quite stressful, and this advent calendar geared towards those who enjoy tea is a real treat. It is one of those special moments that gives me something fun to look forward to, whether I start my day off with the calendar or wait until after a long day at work.

The tea advent calendar contains 24 individual servings of teas. You can choose either loose teas or bagged teas.

There is also a list of the teas you can access on Adagio’s website, if you want to be sure the teas are something you would enjoy or you want to check out the list before purchasing for someone else. What I love about this calendar is that it truly has a variety, so you get to sample 24 unique teas throughout the month.

Twelve Teas of Christmas

The Adagio Twelve Teas of Christmas is another fun tea item, counting down the 12 days of Christmas. You can hang these little tins on a tree, or give as gifts. Each tin contains one single serving pouch of loose tea.

I shared many of these with friends last year during the holiday rush, and it was fun to treat others to a special cup of tea.

This 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set contains a variety of festive blends that makes for an enjoyable cup of tea for this time of year.

Reindeer Fuel Tea

Reindeer Fuel is a Limited Edition tea! It is only available as a gift with purchase starting the week of Black Friday. This is such a fun idea for a tea, and I love my reindeer fuel! It has a great cozy, holiday type flavor and I get a kick out of drinking this while I am at work. After all, I definitely need some fuel to get through the holidays as well!

Holiday products

These are just a few of Adagio’s holiday products, and they have so many other things to offer, from holiday items to gifts for tea lovers.

I have quite a few items from Adagio’s website! We have sampled so many different teas over the years, and they have a lot of other great tea goods, from mugs to sugar.

Visit Adagio Teas at https://www.adagio.com/