Are you suffering from the not-looking-like-a-diva syndrome? Well, (a) we feel you, and (b) we got you covered for this winter. 

When standing in front of their closets, searching for that perfect winter outfit, most women have the song “Baby, it’s cold outside” playing in their heads. Why? Two reasons. One, they lack the motivation to step outside. Two, they don’t have anything good to wear. That’s absurd – right? 

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Well, despite being the most beautiful time of the year, getting dressed in the cold weather can instantly become an “ugh” moment for anyone. It can especially be tiring when you don’t have a variety of outerwear, as most of us tend to reach out for the same jacket every day and sink ourselves in millions of unflattering layers. So with that in mind, don’t you think it’s time to turn up the heat against these cold temperatures and dark evenings by wearing something bold and stylish? If you’re with us, then brace yourselves because after you’re done reading this post, you’ll have both the confidence and the style to set foot on the cold streets of winter.

From appealing layering ideas that won’t make you look like Joey Tribiani from Friends (remember when he wore all of his clothes at once?) to the latest trends – here’s our take on how you can dress like a fashion goddess this winter. 

1. Give the sweater dress a chance!

Have you ever wanted to embrace that one-and-done – talking about the t-shirt dress trend – look during the winters? Well, consider the sweater dress to be it. 

The sweater dress translates to a long-sleeved, high-neck, ribbed dress. It’s a non-negotiable, must-have in any winter wardrobe, not only because it adds a modish factor but because it will hands-down be the single most unique and comfortable winter dress you own. Furthermore, sweater dresses come in all shapes and sizes, plus they’re stretchable and easy to wear. So if you’re letting your full-figure get in the way of looking steamy hot during the winters, please note that you can buy plus size dresses made from pliable material from anywhere. While any length is a perfect length when it comes to sweater dresses, the hottest designs typically fall to mid-thigh, with scrunchy sleeves, slim across the hips, and enough wiggle-room for the body.

2. Wrap a belt around your waist 

Yes, a belt in your coat may not keep you warm for longer, but it is an excellent way to switch up your overused winter coat. How?

Here’s how: put a belt around your waist on long cold days so you can avert the idea of wearing the same thick and warm jacket. As a result, watch how your clothes come to life. Your friends will compliment your “new” coat, oblivious to the fact that they have seen you wear it all week.

3. Play your layering cards right

Sure, heavy and thick clothing will keep you warm in the winter. Still, you’ll be overdressed and uncomfortable whenever you enter a room where the heating’s a notch higher than it should be. Wearing several layers of clothing will solve this problem while also allowing you to match your outfit better. Try a turtleneck or custom dress shirts underneath a sweater that’s underneath a coat or a jacket. It never fails to keep your body warm and will make you look like a hot piece of human. And, of course, on cold days, keep your old clothes at bay, such as ripped jeans, to wear underneath layers so no one can see them.

4. Puff sleeves will always be your friend

Puff sleeves are becoming increasingly popular in fashion shows. However, these dramatically long-sleeved dresses, blouses, jackets, and other garments aren’t just for runaways. 

You, too, can wear these great sleeves this winter to keep your arms warm while remaining fashionable. Wear a belt with the dresses and tuck the blouses into high-waisted jeans if these outfits make you look like a giant bubble.

5. Go grunge

Okay, so we’re not talking about the Nirvana-era 90s grunge over here. However, some elements emerging this season pay homage to that iconic anti-fashion era while remaining comfortable and stylish, which is the point.

Exhibit A: Checkers. Of all the winter designs, this one has to be the primary and most eye-catching to wear. We’re talking about tartan or plaid checks, which are stripes that cross each other in varying widths. Plaid has a long history of hippie culture associations, including the punk movement, Scottish Rebellion, and, of course, grunge. However, it still retains a seditious subtext that can do your winter wardrobe wonders. Moreover, it’s a perfectly pitched juxtaposition for a winter dress, done in a baby doll-style dress with a sweet cut.

6. Leather for the cold weather

A leather jacket is a must-have item for any wardrobe. This cool wear is helpful in all seasons, and it can be a warm addition to your winter outfit. It goes with almost everything. When the night is cold, wrap up in a roll neck jumper or a hoodie, or wear a casual t-shirt underneath if the temperature isn’t too low. Because a leather jacket is a timeless look, any combination you try will look eccentric.


We get it. Winter dressing is a real jaw-breaker. How many layers is too many? Which is the best knit? Why won’t these stockings stay up? It can be incredibly challenging for those who plan to get by the winter months with a single garment – be it a jacket or a coat. Hence, mastering the art of winter class can be your style savior. With these top-of-the-line winter fashion tips, you will not only stay warm but also have your style game on fleek. You can even prepare yourself for the next winter by buying turtlenecks, high boats, different scarves, or whatever accessories that make you feel the most comfortable. The goal is to learn how to strike a balance between looking gorgeous and warm. So stick with these tips if you want your winter dress-up routine to be more of a hoot than a depressive episode of not knowing what to wear.