Curb appeal is something that is often brought up when the topic of updating your home is discussed. However, this is often done by simply neatening up the front of the home and doing some landscaping, or perhaps painting a front door. Curb appeal isn’t always just that simple.

Here are some ways to take your curb appeal to the next level, and truly make your home more eye-catching!

Stone driveway

A stone driveway is an appealing and eye-catching way to add curb appeal to your home. Not only is it a unique alternative to the traditional cement driveway, but there are many different options for you to fit your needs. If you already have one, look into professional interlocking driveway repair

Light fixtures and landscape lighting

Light fixtures are very important in regards to curb appeal, and landscape lighting at night creates a wonderful ambiance, from walkway lights to hanging patio lights. Even during the daytime, they will make your home stand out. Choosing the right lighting is important, and you need to choose it carefully. However, exterior lighting fixtures serve more than the purpose of just looking appealing. Find lighting that is not only attractive, but provides security to your home and lights up your porch enough to prevent falls and other injuries, as well as keeping intruders away. 

Water features

Water features are beautiful additions to the exterior of your plot, and will stand out as opposed to other houses. The many options, including ponds, waterfalls, fountains, bird baths, and more, will increase your curb appeal. There are many types of ponds, including koi ponds and fish ponds, which are meant for housing fish, ponds which appear natural and house wildlife and plants, and ponds that are meant for swimming which include elements of both a swimming pool and a pond. There is a large variety of waterfalls and fountains, and sometimes these can go hand in hand with ponds as well. 

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with Kenny Kim Landscaping

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Updated walkway & entry 

This step is vital to achieving good curb appeal. Make sure that the exterior of your house is up to date, first of all. Update and clean the exterior as needed, as clutter and dirt will add years to your home. A quick and economical fix to a damaged or outdated exterior area is faux brick veneer. If the walkway and entryway to your house looks worn and possibly cracked or broken, it’s time to fix or replace it. Simply cleaning your house will increase curb appeal. The next step is to add furniture and decorations so that it looks appealing. There is a large variety of budget decor that is durable and stylish. 

Large planters

Plants are a failproof way of brightening up your porch or yard. They are also easy to maintain and will increase your curb appeal with little effort. Planters like these come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so it will fit your porch no matter what you’re looking for. While color and texture is important, durability and practicality matter as well. There are also many budget planters out there that will increase curb appeal while being inexpensive. 

Bold colors 

Bold colors on the exterior of your house will certainly help your house to stand out. It can even be as simple as choosing a new door with a color that pops, or even painting your current one. These colors do not have to be permanent either. Decorations, like the large planters mentioned in the previous point, are a perfect opportunity to introduce bold colors to your porch or yard.