Congratulations on being a new mom!! You must be feeling on top of this world. But that is until the anxiety of choosing the right kind of stuff for your newborn kicks in. It all starts with diapers. Whether to go for eco-friendly cloth diapers or disposable ones? What’s the correct diaper size for your baby? What type of diapers you should choose? If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you cannot go wrong with SuperBottoms ecofriendly diapers – they are designed to give your baby a comfortable experience, no matter what adventure they are on.

You can give rest to all these questions in your mind. This post provides you with the diaper features and other pointers to consider while buying a newborn diaper.

  1. Absorbing Capacity

A diaper should absorb a good load of pee and poop so that your frequency of changing diapers should be limited. Also, a good absorbing capacity of diapers prevents the baby’s skin from coming in contact with wetness, leading to diaper rashes.

  1. Wetness Lines

Leading diaper companies came up with a solution for your constant need to check the newborn diaper. They came up with wetness lines that change colour when the diaper gets soiled. These lines indicate if the diaper needs to be changed.

  1. Soft & Breathable Material

Your baby’s skin is super sensitive. Therefore it’s vital that the material used in the diaper is soft and breathable to allow the airflow to the baby’s bottoms. You can opt for reusable cloth diapers. They are made from natural and soft fabrics.

  1. Stretchable & Fit

Stretchability and correct fitting are the most crucial feature to look for in newborn diapers. The waistband of the diaper should position under the baby’s belly button. You should be able to run two fingers inside the leg cuffs and under the band. A rightly fit diaper ensures minimum leaks and diaper rashes.

  1. Eco-friendly Cloth Diaper

Eco-friendly cloth diapers are good for the environment and your baby’s skin. The natural fabrics used in these diapers are soft on the baby’s bottom. And they don’t get frequently dumped in the landfills like their disposable counterparts.

  1. Changing Weight of Baby

When the baby weight increases, the diaper size get changed. So refrain from stocking up the newborn diapers. Otherwise, you will be left with unnecessary money spent on the size of diapers that don’t fit your baby anymore. Checking a baby’s weight before going diaper shopping is a good idea.

  1. Pee & Poop Frequency

All babies’ frequency of peeing and pooping is different. You should take a note of your baby’s peeing and pooping frequency and get the newborn diaper for her accordingly. In any case, the baby’s skin should come in less and less contact with the dampness to prevent rashes.

  1. Skin Sensitivity

You need to be more careful if your baby has extra sensitive skin. You might end up with at least some diaper rashes, no matter how careful you are with the diaper changing schedule. Putting on rash cream regularly and using soft cloth diapers help to prevent sensitive skin from diaper rashes.

Final Thoughts

The above checklist provides you with all the important factors to consider while shopping for newborn diapers, such as choosing diapers with wetness lines, diaper size according to baby weight and opting for eco-friendly cloth diapers for babies with extra sensitive skin. Shop for diapers keeping these factors in mind and enjoy your convenience and your baby’s happiness.

Author Bio:

Neha Divan, a toddler-mom works as part of the content team at SuperBottoms, a baby product brand that develops innovative and sustainable products, like the No.1 best-selling reusable cloth diapers in India. She is passionate about empowering parents with her content to help make parenting a little easier and a lot more fun. She often writes from first-hand experience and has a knack for presenting her ideas clearly which lets her readers connect with her content. Art & craft are her things and she also loves coming up with fun and healthy recipes for kids.